Low Brake Fluid Sensor for the MGBGTV8
TE Electronics have developed an ingenious device to monitor the brake fluid level on classic MGs from the sixties and seventies so you have early warning of low brake fluid levels that may cause consequential brake failure. The TE3509 Low Brake Fluid Sensor has the outward appearance of a standard cap on the brake fluid reservoir, but underneath are the sensor and electronics. The TE3509 LBFS is a significant safety enhancement and particularly valuable on cars with single circuit braking systems and remote servos. Over time a servo seal can age and then leak or fail resulting in a total brake failure as all the brake fluid is drawn out of the system by the inlet manifold vacuum.

The TE3509 LBFS is easy to install and comes with clear installation instructions. It is suitable for an MGB, MGC, MGBGTV8, Midget and Sprite.

This is not scaremongering but a real concern - the V8 Register has seen several cases of complete brake failure from servo failures which were spine chilling. Many members who have purchased the TE3509 LBFS have noted warnings of low fluid levels so they could deal with the risks in good time. It's human nature to think it can't happen to you - get a TE3509 LBFS now.
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Fitting a TE3509 LBFS to an MGBGTV8
- a detailed note

TE low brake fluid detector - a vital
safety device for an MGBGTV8


Brake servo failure on an MGBGTV8
It's human nature to think brake failure can't happen to you - take the simple step and get a TE3509 Low Brake Fluid Sensor now. It's straightforward to fit and good value for money - and it could save your life!