Space saver tyre for the RV8
Gavin Bailey (BRG 0766) from Surrey obtained an RV8 spacesaver tyre and as they are not readily available, he has provided some photos. (Feb 09)

RV8 spacesaver tyre is narrower than the standard tyre. (Photo: Gavin Bailey)

Gavin says "I thought you might like the attached photos of the RV8 spacesaver spare wheel which I recently bought from Steve Beale when he sold his Le Mans Green car. The car does sit a little lower (around 1") on the side fitted with the spacesaver, but this does not appear to affect the handling or ride. I took it for a quick spin down the road and the car handled and turned OK at the low speeds at which you are supposed to drive when a spacesaver wheel is fitted".

Comparing the tyre sizes
Gavin subsequently reported "I have just done done a quick tyre size comparison via the web comparing the rolling radius of the RV8 spacesaver with the standard tyre which shows that not only does the car sit just under an inch lower at the corner where the spacesaver is fitted, the rolling circumference is around 8 inches smaller than the standard tyre. This will have obvious implications for not only the gearing but presumably the limited slip differential if the spacesaver wheel is fitted to the rear of the car. I must admit that it's all a bit of a mystery. " Gavin's table is below.

Is the RV8s Spacesaver tyre a standard spare part?
Gavin comments "it appears that there is only one RV8 Spacesaver Tyre and even the part number, ZKC 5997, does not appear as a listed item in the RV8 parts lists. It may be that the wheel was a special order or even a prototype that was never officially sold to the public". The tyre size/make is Michelin TEX T125/80 R15 95M and is stamped "temporary use

Michelin TEX spacesaver tyre. (Photo: Gavin Bailey)

Part number label for the RV8 spacesaver tyre (Photo: Gavin Bailey)

only" and "20m/h - 30km/h" on the wall of the tyre. The part number label was still attached to the tyre when Gavin bought the tyre - a copy is below.

Why do you want a spacesaver tyre?
The boot space is almost completely taken up by the full-size spare wheel so it is quite a tight space for luggage for even on weekend away, not to mention touring for a week or more! So the natural attraction of the spacesaver tyre is it takes far less space so more luggage can be carried. An alternative reported by Tim Hipwell some time ago is the use of a tyre foam and then you don't need to carry a spare at all. Have any members come across other spacesaver tyres that can be fitted and used on an RV8?

Is the spacesaver tyre legal?
Gavin has done some digging and says "it appears that the use of spacesaver spare wheel is legal as a "get you home" measure even if they are of a deferent rolling diameter! A number of Saabs have them as standard equipment and looking at the internet forums, the cars often have a slight 'tilt' when they are fitted due to the slightly smaller diameter". Gavin adds "I think I'll keep my standard spare in the boot unless I specifically need the extra space when I may carry the spacesaver".
RV8 Spacesaver Tyre
RV8 Standard Tyre
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