Event information and booking form for a buffet lunch at the Dog House pub
Saturday 19th August 2023
Event is fully booked

Buffet lunch at the Dog House pub to the west of Abingdon
As part of the events being held to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of the launch of the MGBGTV8 in August 1973 and the 30th Anniversary of the start of production and sales of the MG RV8 in 1993, a buffet lunch is being arranged at this well known pub to the west of Abingdon. It's near Frilford Heath on the old test route used by the MG Factory for checking MGBGTV8s when they came off the production line. The buffet lunch will be available from 1.00pm. Parking is available in a car park across the road. Please note the lunch is limited to 60 bookings.

Note - the event is fully booked
To help the landlord plan the catering for the lunch please book a buffet lunch by simply filling in the booking form below and then click the SEND button at the foot of this form. Your data will be sent automatically to the V8 Webmaster who will add your name to the bookings list which you can view via the link below. If you have any dietary needs please do mention them on the booking form below. Please note the lunch is limited to 60 bookings.
Bookings list

Buffet lunch
See a sample menu for the finger buffet - the items may vary depending on their availability. There will be a set price for the finger buffet which members will pay on arrival at the pub and any drinks will be paid for at the bar. Sample finger buffet menu

Where is the Dog House pub?
Map: Dog House pub

Old Factory test route used by the MG Plant for the MGBGTV8 model

Members may like to drive around the old test route used for MGBGTV8s before or after lunch. Do take care on the country roads
Map and photo guide to the MG Factory test route

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