Where is the cut-off in the chrome bumper V8 production for the new VED exemption?

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Since the VED exemption extension announced in the HM Treasury support document (on page 84) there has been a natural interest amongst chrome bumpered MGBGTV8 owners as to where the "build date" cut-off date of 1st January 1974 falls in the production run. This chart illustrates it. The vertical axis is the Car No/VIN.

The source of the data in the chart alongside is from the handmade copy of the MG Factory production control records made by the late
Geoff Allen shortly before the plant closed. He had feared the records might be binned and lost so he beavered away in his tea and lunch breaks. We believe the records are reasonably accurate but of course cannot guarantee the dates. The Archivist at Gaydon says the "build date" accepted by DVLA for the MGBGTV8 model is the "Date through Paint Finishing". The cut-off point is not exact and clearly from the chart above some cars spent some time clearing the Rectifications Department!

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