MGB V8 conversions profile
Interest in MGB V8 Conversions is very strong amongst MGV8 enthusiasts and particularly so for V8 Roadsters as many feel that V8 power in the MGB Roadster body is just about the ideal sportscar. It is nimble, has good handling and above all has that smoothness and flexibility you get with V8 power. The number of conversions has increased substantially since Heritage bodyshells became available and specialist parts suppliers, including Clive Wheatley mgv8parts and Moss Europe, have been able to supply essential parts for the conversions. But building a good quality MGB V8 Conversion is not a low cost exercise - if you have one built by a leading MG specialist, a realistic budget has to be around £25,000 and probably more if you aim for a high specification for power, handling or trim - or all three! The V8 Register is very keen on MGBV8 Conversions and the new registrations of V8 Roadster conversions is one of the fastest growing parts of our membership.
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