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In advance of this online General Meeting, if you are eligible to attend the meeting, the Council Members organising this Council Meeting need to know which Council Member will represent your CRB and will be your Voting Member there. Access to the online meeting will only be available to eligible applicants who have made a registration with the Meeting Arranger and have returned their online registration form not later than noon on 7th April 2021. Please use this online form. For assistance contact: Email
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Vice President - Ron Gammons   Yes or No
Vice President - Peter Best   Yes or No
Vice President - Ian Quarrington   Yes or No
Vice President - Bill Silcock   Yes or No
Secretary   Yes or No
Auditor   Yes or No
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Club Vice Chairman - George Wilder

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Club Treasurer - Richard Colston   Yes or No
Director - Dave Saunders   Yes or No
Director - Peter Cook   Yes or No
Director - Paul Money   Yes or No
Former director - Lorraine Noble-Thompson   Yes or No
Former Director - Dave Tynan   Yes or No
Former Director - Colin Withers   Yes or No
Howard Gosling   Yes or No
Roy Locock   Yes or No
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