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General Meeting on
Saturday 17th April 2021

online at 11.00 am

Why has a General Meeting been called?
Notice of the meeting

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Council Meeting sees strong support for governance concerns
There was a good turnout of Council Members from nearly all the Centres, Registers & Branches (CRBs) of the Club for the Council Meeting held on Saturday 27th March 2021. There were 69 members in attendance including 36 Voting Members each representing their CRB.

Well managed and intelligent discussion raising over 36 questions with responses
The responses were from Peter Cook (existing Director) and the three former directors (Lorraine Noble-Thompson, Dave Tynan & Colin Withers) with information on their contacts with Executive Committee members (now hiding in a new subcommittee of the Executive Committee or SCEC) and from Council Members like Paul Goodman. The questions ranged from the disciplinary process leading to the dismissal of Ineke Sherman and now her dismissal appeal, to the growing seriousness of the concerns over the poor standards of governance of the Club. But we could see a significant proportion of the Voting Members clearly learned more of those concerns during the meeting.

Increasingly during the meeting the focus for members clearly moved to the governance concerns with many speakers expressing very firm views on the concerns and in some cases real dissatisfaction with the behaviour of the SCEC, not least outrage from 5 or 6 members with the recent creation of the SCEC. The key question was "why was the SCEC set up and why was Peter Cook excluded?" which is still not clear.

Voting outcome was a powerful indication of the supportive views of the Voting Members representing their CRBs:
Motion: "no confidence" in the existing members of the Executive Committee, excluding Peter Cook.
Result: For 28 (82%) - Against 6 (18%) - Abstain 2

Minutes of this Council Meeting will be released here later this week. This Council Meeting was a valid meeting called on 16th February 2021 by seven Council Members each representing their CRB, and in accordance with the requirements of the Club's Articles of Association.

Updated: 210328

Questions/Statements/Responses sheet updated
See the document with the questions and statements raised by fellow members and the replies and responses.

Information webpages for the General Meeting
It was launched to explain why the meeting was called and to provide links to the registration form, the QSRs (questions/statements/responses) document, news & updates and the members nominated for election as directors as a new Executive Committee. 210316
General Meeting on Saturday 17th April 2021

Formal letter calling a General Meeting on Saturday 17th April 2021
This was sent to the Executive Committee on Thursday 11th March 2021 with the requirement that the formal Notice of the meeting should be put on the Club website promptly together with a copy in the April 2021 issue of Safety Fast! so members for have proper notice of the General Meeting called by seven Council Members. 210316
Copy of the Notice