Join the V8 Register - MG Car Club Facebook group
This group has been set up for members of the V8 Register - MG Car Club as part of their membership benefits package. Anybody who has registered their MGV8 with the V8 Register and is a current member of the MG Car Club is more than welcome to join, regardless of where they are. For many years we have welcomed overseas MGV8 enthusiasts who are current members of a recognised branch or affiliate of the MG Car Club. By making this a closed group we hope it will provide members of the V8 Register with another convenient forum for exchanging views and discussing topics whilst avoiding it becoming an uncontrolled "free for all" forum full of low quality posts, adverts and scammers! To apply to join the group simply send us an email with all the following details:
> Full name
> Postcode
> Country
> Email address
> Telephone number
> MG Car Club current membership number
> Clarify whether you are a member of the home club or an overseas branch or affiliate
> Which MGV8 do you have? - details of the model, Car No/VIN and body colour

Please send your email to

V8 Register - MG Car Club