Ethanol fuel and the RV8
What is ethanol, where does it come from, why do we have to use it, are the myths true, what might be affected on a classic car like an RV8, what can or must we do, and where can we get replacement parts like fuel hose and clips? These were the key questions Nic Houslip covered in his talk at the V8 Anniversary Day held on 18th May 2013 for MGV8 enthusiasts. More

Ethanol fuel and the MGBGTV8
The talk by Tony Lake aimed to bust some of the E10 myths with data, look at why ethanol is used in motor fuel, discuss alternative fuel hose materials and clamps, review water and ethanol issues and look at some bench tests that have been carried out. His conclusions were: upgrade all fuel hoses to E10 compatible from fuel tank to carburettor, don't use unbranded hose, use good quality screw type hose clips, fill fuel tanks to the brim for seasonal layups and share experiences with ethanol fuel on classic cars. More
Download and review some of the handouts from the E10 presentations made by Nic Houslip and Tony Lake and other useful material

Talk on ethanol fuel and the RV8 by Nic Houslip. Download the slides

Talk on ethanol fuel and the MGBGTV8 by Tony Lake. Download the slides

Fitting new fuel hose to an MGBGTV8
In this two page note Tony Lake has broken up the jobs into bite sized pieces, just replacing hoses, fixing a banjo leak and finally fixing an adaptor leak.
Download a copy of the note

Some of the sources that Tony Lake finds pretty useful - they are data based and authoritative
A good starting point.
Information from the retail perspective.
Bob Glicksman report on ethanol and I.C. engines.
Gates automotive product catalogues and technical data.
The water phase separation story from EPA in the USA.
Motor gasoline technical review - a very good read.

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Conclusion: changing the fuel hoses now, rather than waiting for E10 to become available, is worth doing
Encouraging feedback from the V8 members who attended the talks on the topical subject of E10 fuel and MGV8s at the V8 Anniversary Day indicates they felt Nic and Tony focused on the real issues of concern for a classic car owner and their talks were useful. Nic Houslip reflected after the event saying "I think it was well worthwhile doing the presentations and it was clear from the responses of the audience that we had hit home, which is particularly rewarding to the presenter. Tony Lake (the other presenter on the E10 topic) and I discussed the E10 situation just before we left and came to the conclusion that the review of E10 on MGV8s made at the V8 Anniversary Day is the starting point and that we should maintain communication between interested members to see how the matter progresses. Notwithstanding that, I think it might be worthwhile suggesting, particularly to MGBV8 members that changing the fuel hoses now, rather than waiting for E10 to become available, is a good thing on cars which can be up to 40 years old and have not had a change of fuel hose."

Branded ethanol compatible replacement fuel hose
As soon as we have any news of specialist spares and service traders offering branded ethanol compatible replacement fuel hose for the MGBGTV8 and RV8 models we will release that as a NEWS item on the V8 website.

Biofuel concerns with classic MGs
See our information gateway with a listing of all the earlier articles on biofuel topics available on the V8 website. More

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