The V8 Online Sales system enables members to purchase V8 Publications, V8 Regalia and V8 Events on the V8 Website using credit or debit cards with the convenient and relatively inexpensive and secure international payment system called WorldPay. This will be particularly welcome to our overseas members.

How secure is the V8 Online Sales payment system through WorldPay when I use my credit or debit card?
WorldPay recognise security is a key concern for both shopper and seller during an online transaction and say "In reality an online transaction is probably more secure than a card transaction in a shop or conducted over the telephone or by fax, as the information transmitted online is highly encrypted using complicated alogarithm combinations. The WorldPay payment system uses a combination of both established and innovative techniques to ensure the security and integrity of all sensitive data. Furthermore, the WorldPay public web servers are certified by Thawte, a public Certificate Authority, ensuring that both the shopper and retailer can have confidence that nobody can impersonate WorldPay to obtain confidential information."

V8 Register - MG Car Club, PO Box 888, London SW14 7YT
How does the V8 Online Sales system work?
When you purchase an item using the V8 Online Sales system by simply clicking the "Buy" button, you are then automatically transferred to the WorldPay secure international payment processing website. The information WorldPay requires in order to process the transaction is automatically transferred to the WorldPay secure server. That information includes the total cost (including post and packaging, and VAT if applicable), product description, quantity, and the currency used which is Sterling. You then enter your credit or debit card details on the WorldPay secure website and they are captured on their secure server using SSL encryption. A confirmation of purchase email is then sent by WorldPay to the V8 Register so we can process the order and despatch the item to you. We usually aim to send out orders within 7 days.

How do I know if my payment has gone through?
You will receive a WorldPay transaction confirmation email showing details of the purchase you have made, including a purchase Transaction ID.

What happens if I think I may have duplicated an order?
If you receive more than one WorldPay confirmation email when you intended to make only one purchase, please let the V8 Online Sales contact know that you have placed multiple orders by mistake. He will be able to check with WorldPay and arrange for a refund where necessary and answer any other queries you have about your order.

V8 Online Sales contact
Contact the Victor Smith by email or by telephone on 0208 392 9434. If you are calling from overseas, then the number is +44 208 392 9434.