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Buying an Advert on the V8 Website
Advertising an MGV8 for Sale or Wanted on the V8 Website
You can have:
1. Standard advert on the V8s for Sale or RV8s for Sale webpage comprising a photo and the description of the car. In that advert you can have a link to a separate A4L PDF document with a full set of photos of your car which will enable prospective purchasers to review the key features of the car before contacting you. See the current adverts for the style, content and size of the text for your advert.

You can have an for Sale advert or you can have a Wanted advert. To see the format for our adverts please review the adverts:
V8s for Sale or Wanted adverts
RV8s for Sale or Wanted adverts

2. A4L document with a set of photos linked to the advert
In addition to the advert you can also have a linked A4L document with a set of your photos of the car together with the text of your advert plus any additional information on your car - for example its maintenance or restoration history. That document is created for you by the V8 Webmaster and is uploaded in PDF format, so even with 4, 8 or even 12 photos the size of the document in PDF format will not be very large, so it will download promptly for the viewer.

Drafting your advert
When drafting your advert, please start with the Colour and Car Number (Vehicle Identification Number), followed by the recorded mileage and a description of the quality, condition, specification, maintenance record, any accessories and any other points of interest. Finally quote the price and your name and telephone and/or email contacts plus the county where the car can be viewed. It is necessary to note whether the sale is a private sale or a trade sale.
Advice on drafting adverts
How do I buy an advert?
It is a straightforward three stage process.
Stage 1 - prepare the draft text for the advert and select a photo. Get together a set of photos for the A4L document (A4 landscape twin column document) which can conveniently take four photos to a page. When taking the photos try and avoid distracting background like dustbins, other cars and similar items as they can reduce the viewers' focus on your car. The V8 Webmaster can crop and arrange the photos for you to fit the A4L page or pages. Ideally you should have a photo of each corner of the car, the interior from either side, the engine bay, the front of the car, the boot or luggage platform with the tailgate up and one of a wheel so online viewers will be able to assess the condition of the car and wheels.

Stage 2 - send your text of the advert and photos to the V8 Webmaster at email . As digital photos you can send them to the V8 Webmaster as email attachments.

Stage 3 - make your payment by using the Online V8 Sales system below - just click the Buy This button and then process your payment on the secure Stripe website. If you are a current member of the MG Car Club you can claim the reduced price for your advert using our online form. Simply click the "Claim reduced price" box. That will take you to an online form where you provide your information and your MG Car Club membership number so the V8 Webmaster can check your current membership status. When you send off that claim form by clicking "SEND" at the foot of the online form you will be transferred to a webpage with a link to an online buying webpage where you can buy the advert. When you click "Buy This" you are transferred to the secure website run by Stripe where your debit or credit card details are processed and the transaction carried out.

Stage 4 - following the completion of your transaction on the Stripe website you will receive an email confirmation of the transaction from Stripe and following the receipt of a similar email from Stripe by the V8 Webmaster, you will receive an email from the V8 Webmaster on the progress of preparing and uploading your advert.
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Card processing and payment by Stripe
Your V8 Online Sales payment will be processed on the secure Stripe website where you will be asked for your card details and other information to complete the transaction. If you have any queries over the Stripe arrangements and how they work, simply ccontact the V8 Webmaster .

Trade or private sale?
All adverts should clarify whether the car is offered for sale by a trader or as a private sale. By "trade sale" we mean a car offered for sale by either an individual as a sole trader or an individual acting on behalf of a commercial business, or by a commercial business. By "private sale" we mean a car offered for sale by the present owner who has owned the car as a V8 enthusiast. We feel this distinction is desirable not least for any UK Sale of Goods Act implications.

Beware of scams. More
The V8 Register, its officers and committee members cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the details in any of the adverts on the V8 Website or for the conduct or outcomes of any trading that may result. Members purchasing V8 powered MGs should seek specialist assistance to carry out a technical examination of any MGV8 they wish to purchase and make appropriate checks as to the ownership of the car to ensure so far as is possible to ensure the vehicle is not stolen or subject to an outstanding hire purchase agreement.