V8 Grapevine launched
Members who have fully registered their MGV8s with the V8 Register will have access to useful "member only" online V8 Register database search facilities. There is also a basic "open to all" search option so visitors who may have owned an MGV8 in earlier times can see where it may be today. These search options are available on our website called the V8 Grapevine.
V8 Grapevine

Guide to using the V8 Grapevine

When you first try to use the "member only" search facilities on the V8 Grapevine you may find you are not able access the system. We have a guide which aims to help you overcome that difficulty. Guide

Register your MGV8 with the V8 Register online
You can register your MGV8 or update an existing registration using the options on the V8 Grapevine.
New registration or Update an existing registration

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