Guide to using the V8 Grapevine
When you first try to use the "member only" search facilities on the V8 Grapevine you may find you are not able access the system. This guide aims to help you overcome that difficulty.

Entry webpage is shown alongside
You have six options - from the top: a basic search of the vehicle database (an "open to all" search facility), an online registration form, an online registration update form and then three "member only" search services. First a full search for an MGV8, then a search of our MGBGTV8 Factory production records and finally a search for fellow V8 members in your local area.

I cannot get access to a "member only" search option
Access to the "member only" V8 Grapevine search facilities is by way of a password. Your password is based on your postcode, vehicle identity number and your current MG Car Club membership number. The use of the postcode is not case sensitive. So if those three items of data are not in the V8 Register Database you will not be able to gain access. The remedy is to complete an online registration update form so your record can be manually updated. Processing updates is not automatic and needs human intervention, so there may be a delay. Online update form

I have registered an MGV8 conversion but cannot get access
All MGV8 conversions registered with the V8 Register are given an artificial VIN to create order in the database. So if you have sent in a registration - by paper or as an online form - for an MGV8 conversion, please contact the V8 Webmaster who will let you have the "VIN" allocated to your car. With that piece of data you will be able to continue with V8 Grapevine searches. More

Access to the "member only" search facilities is only available to members who have agreed to their name and telephone number being available to fellow V8 Register members
Your approval for the release of data has been taken from the response you have previously given on a V8 registration form. If you have previously not agreed to the release, either intentionally or by default, then our system is set at "No" for the release of your data to fellow V8 members. But do note that access to the "member only" search facilities is only available to V8 Register members who have agreed to to the release of their data - and then we record a "Yes" for the release of their data to fellow V8 members. So if you want access to those search facilities then simply complete a registration update and indicate "Yes" to the limited data release. Online update form

What data is released?
We understand members' concerns over personal data and have designed our split offline/online database systems and limit the personal contacts data released to avoid most concerns. If you wish, your telephone number but not your name can be excluded from "member only" searches where your data release option is recorded as "Yes". But do note members opting for "No" data release will not have access to the "member only" search facilities. Further information

What do the search reports look like? More

Go to the V8 Grapevine

Then select a "member only" search option and login when you see the webpage below.

With a successful login you can continue to make the vehicle or member search

If either the vehicle or member you are searching for has a "No" release of data record on our database, your search will show "withheld" as the member's name. In fact our systems do not upload the member's personal data from our offline to the online database system for any member with a "No" data release record as an additional safeguard to ensure we observe the member's data release wishes.

How can I post a photo of my car to the V8 Grapevine?
See our help notes. More

Any further queries or help needed?
Contact the V8 Webmaster, Victor Smith, on 0208 392 9434 or by email if you prefer.

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