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Updated: 160525
Posted: 160305

How do you price an exceptional car?
In his updated price review earlier in 2015, Adam Fiander observed "the question of buying a modified, restored or mostly original car is a personal and subjective matter. Certainly rubber bumper MGBGTV8s converted to chrome spec are not worth the equivalent value of a Factory built original chrome bumper car on a like-for like condition basis. Whether the addition of leather seats and walnut dashboards and other non-original “cosmetic” modifications enhance, or even maintain value, is questionable and can only be answered on a case by case basis.

Cars of the very highest values sold at auction, through dealers or as private sales, are nearly always those examples that have originality at their core. These exceptional examples normally have a very low recorded mileage, a fully documented history and a low number of previous owners.

Cars that have been fully restored need to have been done so to a high standard of fit and finish to ensure top value. Often the eye watering cost of a full restoration at today’s labour and parts rates is a personal choice undertaken by very passionate owners, who may struggle to recoup their considerable investment when they come to sell. For buyers appearing at the right time and right place, often a very well sorted car with fresh metal, fresh paint, new engine and refurbished interior can be be exceptionally good value for money. Smallish upgrades such as electronic ignition and similar modifications are not going to affect values much either way."
£21,500 - V8 Roadster conversion in red - trade sale
Advert says "969 MGB Roadster fitted with the Buick based 3500 V8. Built with coil-over front suspension, positively located and stiffened rear suspension, limited slip diff. and an SD1 5 speed gearbox . Paint, chrome and interior all new - stripped to the bare shell and rebuilt with Heritage panels where necessary. Fully protected underneath and painted over with top coat colour". Priced at £27,000 on the trader's website. Spotted by Keith Belcher. 160526
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