Two MGBGTV8s seen advertised for sale in Holland

Fellow member Nigel Williamson has spotted two Fcatory MGBGTV8s for sale in Holland.

Posted: 181201

MGBGTV8 in Damask, originally Citron
Factory MGBGTV8 originally produced as Citron 1927, built in September 1974 and despatched to Appleyard Harrogate in North Yorkshire. So it has had a respray in Damask. Last registered with the V8 Database in 2008 by a member in SW London. Photos with the advert show corrosion on the Dunlop wheels, rear bumper and untidy paintwork. Advertised with 22,310km (13,943 miles) and priced at Euro 11,900 (£10,565). Photos

MGBGTV8 in Bracken
Frugal information with the advert. Photos suggest some refurbishment at some stage. It has an unusual louvred setup on the outside of the tailgate. No mileage information. No visible details that can identify the car and its history via the V8 Database. Advertised price Euro 22,950 (£20,375). Photos