Subtle improvements to V8 performance, reliability and safety
John Lakey is an MGBGTV8 enthusiast and a contributor for the popular Classic Car Weekly paper out on newsagents' shelves every Wednesday. Here he has an interesting article noting "MGBGTV8s can deliver more with the right modifications" but adding ""modifications to Factory V8s must be weighed against any possible loss of value but there is plenty of potential to subtly improve performance, reliability and safety".

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Posted: 181022

John Lakey's own V8 is an MGBGTV8 Conversion with a Getrag five speed gearbox and Frontline suspension. With the tight availability of replacement parts for the original four speed gearbox with overdrive, the readily available option of a replacement with a Mazda five-speed gearbox from Vitesse will increasingly become the choice many owners will take. The performance improvements and reliability with the modern Mazda gearbox and the subtle impact of the replacement on a Factory MGBGTV8 of the replacement will be seen as real benefits. See the full article

John Lakey sought the opinion of the V8 Register as the specialist MGV8 group.
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