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In a wide ranging interview with Adrian Flux, classic car insurance brokers, Tim Gascoigne of Barons Classic Car Auctioneers gives his views on how the classic car market is performing today, and what we might expect from the future. See the interview

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Posted: 180818

The classic car market overheating? And where is the classic car market going? Adrian Flux spoke to Tim Gascoigne, auction manager for Barons Classic Car Auctioneers, to get the inside line on how the classic car market is performing today, and what we might expect from the future.

"In 2008 classic cars was just another hobbyists market. In 2010, after the financial crash, prices of classic cars started to rise . . . and rise. In 2014, even the mainstream media was picking up on the phenomenon and citing ‘crazy’ car prices. Since then, things have cooled in the classic car market and the media is announcing everything from a slow down to a meltdown. Like any ‘gold rush’ the rise in classic car prices drew non-enthusiasts who wanted financial returns – and many of them had large wallets. While many spent their pounds on high-value cars, the mid and even lower tiers were affected as everyone tried to get involved with the budgets they had.

But even in a growing market, expertise goes a long way and many inexperienced buyers spent over the odds for things that classic car old-hands would have warned against. Still prices continued to rise. Inevitably, the overheating bubble began to deflate as many of the stalwarts predicted, and many prices declined,
but the classic car cognoscenti weren’t in mourning as the ‘adjustment’ signalled a return to sanity and being enthusiast-driven, not investment-driven. Interview

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