Problem with a car bought at auction - Honest John's reply

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Many fellow members will know Honest John has provided useful material on motoring concerns in his columns in the Telegraph over the years. But he also has a popular website - Honest John Classics - which has a range of interesting services and information for classic car enthusiasts, one of which is the Ask Honest John service where visitors can ask questions on motoring matters. Andy Goves, one of our Pricewatch duo, has spotted a recent question asked by Will Hatchard and the response by Keith Moody which highlights concerns over buying at auction without inspecting the car thoroughly. The question raised by Will Hatchard is: "I bought a car from an auction, but it isn't as described - do I have any recourse?" See the Q&A post on the Honest John Classics website

Whilst many MGV8 enthusiasts would be very surprised that anyone would buy a car at auction on an unseen basis, the response he had from the auction house was disappointing. Some might feel some concerns over dealing with them on that basis.