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This webpage lists MG ZTT 260 V8s reported to be for sale by members or specialist traders. Members of the V8 Register, traders or reimporters are welcome to advertise details of MGBV8s for sale. The cars will remain on this webpage for two months or until we are notified the car is sold, whichever is the earlier event, thereafter a car previously advertised can be posted again - just contact the V8 Webmaster (for contacts see below). The most recent adverts are at the top of this column.
Beware of scam from an overseas V8 buyer!
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Private Sale - MG ZTT 260 V8 SE in X-Power Grey - SOLD
X-Power Grey 0432 (2004 04 plate) originally registered by MG Rover on 1st May 2004 and then one previous owner, 91,000 miles with a full service history. Taxed until May 2014 and MOT to 17th May 2014. One of 883 ZT V8s with the 4.6 litre engine and has full black leather upholstery. £5,750 140411

Location East Dorset
Private Sale - MG 260V8 in Starlight Silver - SOLD
Starlight Silver 0423
(2004 54 plate) with only 27,500 miles. Acufab throttle body. Oil & filter changed every 2,500 miles. Full service history. Taxed until MOT until March 2014. VIN is SARRXGTGB4D000423. £8,500 140409
Location: Leicestershire
Private sale - MG ZT 260 V8 SE in Nightfire Red - SOLD 070212
Nightfire Red 0618 (05) is a one owner 20,820 miles from new car from new registered in March 2005. It is number 618 of only 883 ZT 260 V8s. This MG ZT 260 V8 SE has a 4.6 litre V8 with cream full leather interior plus car mats. Taxed until March 2012 and MOT to February 2012 (will be renewed soon). In excellent condition with a full service history and two new Toyo tyres. Includes sat nav, TV, Harmon Kardon 6 CD changer. Xenon lights, sunroof, climate control etc and a tracker security device is fitted. Also a Dreadnaught Supercharger is fitted so the 420 BHP available makes for exceptional performance. £13,750 130112 More
Location: West Sussex
Private sale - MG ZTT 260 V8 SE - SOLD
Royal Blue 0575
(2004 04) - Barry Dean in Cambridgeshire offered MG ZT-T 4.6 litre V8 260 SE VIN: SARRXGTGB5D000575 with Cream full leather and 30,000 miles for sale. It has Sat Nav, TV, Harmon Kardon 6 player CD, full MG service history, RAC Gold warranty to May 2008. Xenon lights, heated seats, electric seats, 18" alloys, sunroof, climate control, all for £12,995. More
Beware of scam from an overseas V8 buyer!
Rick Morton (Woodcote Green 1300) has reported a scam which members who are selling a V8 need to note. Rick says "I just thought I would update you on my experience with trying to sell my RV8 recently before I withdrew it from sale. Both Jerry Winfield (Woodcote Green 1684) and I heard from the same person but I also had several other emails with roughly the same approach. Basically this person who is overseas agrees to buy your car, and will send you a cheque for more than the asking price to cover shipping costs etc. He then asks if you could bank the cheque and send the balance to his shipping agent via a money transfer. The cheque bounces but only after you have sent the cash to the shipping agent. This scam relies on your ignorance of how the cheque clearing system works. Problems arise because banks update their computers on day three of the clearing cycle. So if you check with them at that time, you may very well be told that the funds are available. It will only be on day four that the bank realises that there is a problem, and on day five that they tell you. Weekends and Bank Holidays all add to the delay. In my case the scam merchant was going to send me a cheque for £3,400 more than I was asking for the car. I was to subtract the cost of the car and send the remainder to his "shipping agent"." So members need to be alert to this scam and any approach from the scam merchant! Example of scam

Further advertisements are welcome from both V8 Register members and from specialist traders


The V8 Register, its officers and committee members cannot accept any responsibility for the accuracy of the details in any of the adverts above or for the conduct or outcomes of any trading that may result. Members purchasing V8 powered MGs should seek specialist assistance to carry out a technical examination of any MGV8 they wish to purchase and make appropriate checks as to the ownership of the car to ensure so far as is possible the vehicle is not stolen or subject to an outstanding hire purchase agreement.