SORN your V8 online with DVLA
As many V8 enthusiasts may be approaching the time of year when they take their vehicle off the road, it is worth noting it is now possible to declare a SORN (Statutory Off Road Notice) online at the DVLA website. All you need is your V5C for the Registration Mark and the Document Reference Number (both on the front cover of the four page document) and then the rest is very easy. However brace yourself for one difficulty - the font size on these DVLA webpages is so small they cannot be read on normal PC screen settings! You have to print off each page to read it! Quite mad and only an oppressive mindset that appears to run the DVLA would have such illegible webpages. We have contacted the DVLA by email to see if they can get the font size changed to a more normal size that can be read on screen without such difficulty. (5.10.05)
Online SORN at DVLA

Online SORN Form V890

What does the online SORN look like?
The confirmation of the online SORN declaration is a webpage which says "Your SORN declaration has been successful" and gives you a reference number too. A SORN Confirmation Letter is promissed within the next four weeks.

You can print off a copy of the confirmation webpage as your record of the SORN declaration.

What is the DVLA?
For overseas members, the "DVLA" is the Driver & Vehicle Licensing Agency which is a UK Government agency, and a "SORN" is a Statutory Off Road Notification, a formal document the registered keeper of a vehicle has to return to the DVLA if the vehicle is not taxed for use on public roads in the UK through the payment of a 6 or 12 month road fund licence.

Updated: 13.12.08

Initial email enquiry
: Andrew Queen, Customer Servcice Enquiries, DVLA
From: Victor Smith, V8 Register
Date: 5th October 2005

SORN webpage font is too small
I have used the online SORN webpages this afternoon to SORN my MGBGTV8 and feel I must say the font size on the SORN webpages is so small that it could only be read by printing off each page and reading the hard copy. I do not feel that is reasonable and I really feel whoever is managing your website needs to think again and use more normal font sizes that the ordinary person with a standard PC screen set up can read without such difficulty. It is quite unreasonable to expect PC users to make changes to their screen set up simply to be able to read webpages on the DVLA website.

As an elected official of a motor club, may I register a formal complaint and request you let me know what the DVLA intends doing to ensure their SORN webpages are easier to read? We have a set of SORN webpages on our website and I shall post a news item on the homepage with my query and your reply.

I might add that I have not received a vehicle tax reminder so on visiting the local post office this afternoon to SORN my car I was saddened to find that it is not possible to SORN a car at the post office branch without that renewal form. Instead I found I either have to mail a SORN form to DVLA or hunt down a local DVLA office wherever that might be to do so. I really feel you do not make the SORN process at all easy and yet you threaten quite severe fines. The overall impression is of an organisation intent on being oppressive to its "customers" and that is not a desirable feature of the public service or indeed any organisation having a genuine belief in good customer service and relations.

Victor Smith
V8 Register - MG Car Club

Holding reply from DVLA
To: Victor Smith, V8 Register
Date: 5th October 2005

THIS IS A SYSTEM GENERATED AUTO REPLY - Please read it as it may apply to you

Thank you for your e-mail. We will endeavour to respond to your enquiry within 3 working days. Alternatively, you may wish to refer to our website, for general advice.

Reply from DVLA on 7th October 2005
From: JH Punchard, DVLA
To: Victor Smith, V8 Register
Date: 17th October 2005

Thank you for your email. Your enquiry has been passed to the Electronic Vehicle Licensing department for their investigation and comment on the font size used on our website. They will contact you as soon as possible.

Regarding the difficulties you experienced in attempting to declare SORN at a Post Office without the V11 vehicle licence reminder/SORN declaration form, I have detailed all options available below.
SORN can currently be declared by the following methods:

Using form V11 Vehicle Licence Application Form / SORN Declaration or V85/1 (tax application forms)
This can be done by completing the relevant section of the V11 and handing it in to a licence issuing Post Office® or by completing the relevant section of the V85/1 and handing it over at a DVLA Local Office.

Using a refund application form V14 or V33
If you apply for a refund and the vehicle is to remain in your possession, you can declare SORN on the refund application form V14 or V33. These forms will have to be completed and sent to the DVLA address shown on the application forms.

Using form V890
This can be done by completing the application form V890 (which is available download from the website address below) and returning to the DVLA address shown on the application form.

Declaring SORN over the telephone
By calling 0870 240 0010, if you are the registered keeper. Please note SORN cannot be backdated over the telephone and cannot be accepted before the 15th day of the month in which the disc expires. You will also need to have your registration certificate/document with you, as you will be required to quote the document reference on it.

Please note we are now issuing acknowledgement letters on receipt of a SORN application. These letters provide confirmation that the record has been amended. I trust this information is helpful.

Mr J H Punchard
Hardly a simple system, so an online SORN declaration seems the easiest way.
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