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Preliminary design of the replacement V8BB is alongside.


Posted: 121202

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Following our having to close the V8 Bulletin Board last Tuesday evening as a determined individual had continued to post messages on the V8BB after we have formally required him to stop on three occasions, we have been making progress in getting a replacement V8BB created, tested and commissioned. The new V8BB will have a similar style of postings to the simple "noticeboard" style we
currently have on the original V8BB but with password access which will give far better security to cope with unwanted postings from spammers or an unreasonable user refusing to observe moderation requirements as we saw last week.

Many members, including a V8 enthusiast in Sweden who called this afternoon, have been in touch to say they miss their regular visits to the V8BB and the good quality messages and advice there and most have expressed their annoyance with the unreasonable behaviour of the individual last week. We hope the new V8BB can be launched by next weekend.
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