Millionth uninsured vehicle seized as UK’s hotspots revealed

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Twelve locations in the UK's top 20 uninsured driving hotspots are in the West Midlands according to research undertaken for the Motor Insurers' Bureau or MIB. Nic Houslip spotted this news in the September 2012 issue of the MIB newsletter called "The Road Ahead". The top hotspot is Bordesley Green in Birmingham and Nic says "for my part I think I'll stay away from Bordesley!"

The surprising news in the MIB newsletter is the millionth uninsured vehicle was seized
on 21st August 2012. The newsletter adds "a number of other motorists were also ordered to stop as police conducted an operation to disrupt criminal activity in the area. The police have sustained operations since they were granted powers to seize uninsured vehicles in 2005 and of the 400 vehicles that are now seized each day, it is estimated that 30% are crushed. Bordesley (B9) in Birmingham has been identified as the worst UK hotspot for uninsured driving and continues to dominate the hotspot ranks with eight times the number of motorists driving vehicles without insurance compared to the national average. You can see a copy of the MIB newsletter with the table of the top hotspots. More & More
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