Bluetooth hands free mobile phone option for V8 enthusiasts

Plantronics Mobile Headset with Bluetooth (M2300) is a small, lightweight device with no wires between the earpiece and the mobile phone. There is a small boom microphone on the top of which is a small button to control calls.

The controls are very simple: Main switch which turns the device on (1), a status light (2) which glows green when the headset is active, and switch on the top of the boom microphone (3) which enables the user to accept calls and then switch off the phone at the end of the call. A double click on the button (3) redials the last number which is a very useful feature. Reception is good in the car and the unit is comfortable to wear around the ear.

The M2300 headset has a rechargeable battery, a range of 10 metres (32 ft), talk time of up to 3 hours, and stand-by time of up to 120 hours. Once the headset is configured to work with a Bluetooth compatible mobile phone (probably takes less than 5 minutes), the headset can then be switched on very easily so the Bluetooth link set up in a matter of seconds. In becomes second nature after just a few times.

This is by far the best mobile phone option for V8 enthusiasts reviewed so far, and it is portable from car to car!
Posted: 31.1.05

Bluetooth is a recent standard for low power wireless (radio signal) communication between equipment. It operates over a few metres and carries digital data both ways at high speed. The clever part is the way that different items of equipment detect the presence of each other and set up communication protocols automatically without the user's intervention - rather like a kind of a robot finding your equipment as it's switched on and setting up cable interconnections for you, and switching them round as you use or need the different items. As far as the user is concerned, the various items of equipment just work together and they are blissfully unaware of the complexity required to make it so easy!
(Source: Bob Owen 2.2.05)

Convenient hands free arrangement - an M2300 Bluetooth headset with a mobile phone holder

Plantronics Mobile Headset with Bluetooth
(M2300) fits behind the user's ear and has no wires to connect to the mobile phone. The connection uses a Bluetooth radio link, so you will need a mobile phone that supports Bluetooth, like a Nokia 6210. The unit was on special offer at Carphone Warehouse in January 2005 at only £29.95.

Mobile phone holder
To complete the hands free set up, you need a holder for the mobile phone. One of the most convenient for an MGBGTV8 or MG RV8 is a mobile phone holder which fixes to the windscreen with a suction pad. A unit supplied by Halfords is particularly good value.

The holder is on a flexible stalk so is infinitely adjustable. The suction pad is simply pressed firmly to the screen and then a lever arm on the fitting is moved down which creates the suction. The mobile phone is placed between the padded jaws of the holder and then the jaws are squeezed together to hold the phone.

There is a side button at the bottom left hand edge to release the jaws so you can remove the phone when you leave the car.

The Suction Pad Mobile Phone Holder is made in Germany and has been available at a modest price of £14.99 including VAT online from Halfords (delivery extra).

Halford's Suction Pad Mobile Phone Holder

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