Plantronics M2300 Bluetooth hands free mobile phone headset
The Plantronics hands free headset is the recommended option for V8 enthusiasts if you have a mobile phone which supports Bluetooth technology. The Plantronics M2300 Bluetooth hands free headset is now on offer from Maplin at only £24.99 and is now our "best buy".

Review of the Plantronics M2300 Bluetooth Headset
We reviewed the M2300 in January 2005 and recommended it as both convenient and good value for money. It has proved to be a popular hands free mobile phone option for V8 enthusiasts. It is a very flexible unit - it can be transferred from car to car - and is a low cost way of complying with the in-car mobile phone regulations. The unit provides 3 hours talktime and 120 hours standby. Our best buy for this unit is now £24.99 from Maplin - see their offer alongside. See M2300 review. (30.4.05)

Review of the improved Plantronics M2500 Bluetooth Headset
In early April 2005 we found Plantronics had introduced a slightly improved headset. The new model is the M2500 which appears identical - the only improvement is an extended talk time of up to 5 hours, compared with up to 3 hours with the M2300. It also has 120 hours on standby which is a week of waking hours. Our best buy recommendation for this unit is £29.99 from The Link chain.
See M2500 review. (10.4.05)

Previous "best buy" recommendation
Our previous "best buy" recommendation for the Plantronics M2300 headset was from Carphone Warehouse but that no longer applies as their price for the M2500 has risen to £39.95. (10.4.05)
New "best buy" recommendation for the Plantronics Bluetooth headset

You can order this headset direct from Maplin on 0870 429 6000 or at online. Offer valid until 21st May 2005

It seems possible that, following the introduction of the improved M2500 model, this special offer may be the disposal of remainder M2300 stock.

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