How to register your "old" vehicle
How to register your old vehicle
If you want to register an old vehicle, you may be able to register it under its original mark. You will need to apply through a vehicle owner's club who will pass your application to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) for a new vehicle record to be set up.
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Further information on registering an old vehicle can be found on information leaflet INF848 'How to register your 'old' vehicle" which is available from a DVLA local office.

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Background information
In the early 1970s the DVLA began to computerise records of vehicles previously maintained by local vehicle taxation offices. This process involved the registration of new vehicles and the conversion of records already in circulation.

The computer record for old vehicles was closed in 1983 and vehicles which were undergoing restoration at that time were issued with letters from the DVLA. In 1990 rules were introduced which allowed vehicles to claim back their original mark, on a non-transferable basis. This means that you will not be able to transfer it or put it onto retention at a later date.
How to register your vehicle under its original number
To register a vehicle which is not recorded at the DVLA because it missed the 1983 deadline you will need to complete application form V765 available from your nearest DVLA local office or for download from the vehicle forms link above. Applications for original vehicle registration marks are considered in the first instance by vehicle enthusiasts clubs. A list of authorised clubs is set out in booklet V765/1 which is available from DVLA local offices or by download on the motoring leaflets link below.

To apply you should:
> complete form V55/5 available from a DVLA local office
> complete form V765
> provide a recent photograph of the vehicle and documentary evidence, such as the original log book, a pre 1983 tax disc or MOT certificate, linking it to the original number.

The application should be sent to a relevant authorised owners or enthusiasts club to be
endorsed. You will not be obliged to join the club but you may be charged a fee for the service and the club may wish to inspect the vehicle.

The V8 Register can assist MGV8 enthusiasts - it has practical experience of the V765 process and the MG Car Club is authorised to endorse applications to the DVLA. That endorsement will only be possible if adequate evidence can be obtained of the original registration number and its previous allocation to the applicant's car.

What happens next?

The endorsed application will then be forwarded to DVLA for processing and if accepted then a V5C registration certificate will be issued. The original number will be allocated on a non-transferable basis. In cases where the original number was re-allocated by the local taxation office or transferred to another vehicle, DVLA will allocate another number appropriate to the age of the vehicle.

If this is a non-suffix or prefix number, it will also be non-transferable.
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