V8 on the MG Italia

V8 goes East - Bob Owen reports
Bob and Carolyn Owen have travelled out to Greece with the MG Italia tour. From the reports from Gordon Hesketh-Jones who is out there on his way through on his epic tour, the MG Italia has proved very enjoyable. Here Bob sends a short report as the event ends and he prepares for the route back via Switzerland. (13.5.05)

Yes, all going well. The car has been behaving well (except for brake judder) and the new fluid sensor is working properly. It has been a very good trip - good organisation, good food, good weather, good company, good scenery, good wine - but all good things must come to an end and, after seeing Olympia today, we board the ferry to return to Ancona. Gordon and Jennifer will travel on to eastern Europe.

After the ferry lands we will make an autostrada dash for Milan where we'll spend two nights, courtesy of our prospective son-in-law (Italian) followed by a day in Switzerland with an old school friend who's lived there for 30 years and who I've not seen in all that time. I think more

wine and reminiscence will be the order of the day. Then a couple of days sauntering through France before our Dover ferry on Friday.

Will email again if the opportunity occurs - photos, maybe, later.