Index to articles on windstoppers for MGV8s
The backwash of the airflow over an open MGV8 can be a tiresome feature for some drivers but more often for their passengers, so various windstopper installations have been fitted by MGV8 enthusiasts to reduce the effect. This information gateway provides links to the articles contributed by fellow members on installations they have used.

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Updated: 301211

Members' views on windstopper installations

New windstopper from Holland
It is for the MGB and MGC models but the supplier says it will also fit an MG RV8. As we had no previous knowledge of this company or its windstopper, we made contact with an MGB enthusiast who has fitted one to get feedback on their experience of the item. Her detailed response provides a useful assessment of the unit. 301211 More

Windstopper design for the RV8
Dutch RV8 enthusiast, Leo Schetters, has generously provided a useful set of drawings for making folding brackets for an RV8 windstopper. RV8NOTE 345 (Mar 11) More

Fitting a Classic Additions' RV8 windstop
Richard Wood posted a note on the V8BB seeking help as he has just purchased the classic additions windstop, but had found the instructions consist of some very grainy photos. RV8NOTE328 (June 10) More

RV8 windstop for the taller driver
Angus Munro wanted a windstop but as he is quite tall had to think of ways of adapting the standard windstop. Here he describes the project and in a copy of this note, illustrated with photos, available on the V8 Website he provides a detailed guide to fitting a windstop plus provides a drawing of the new rail too. RV8NOTE302 (Jul 09) More

Windstop bracket modification to enable the hood to be raised
Paul Wilson (Woodcote Green 0929) from Yorkshire purchased a windstop for his RV8 but found he could not raise the hood with the windstop brackets in place. He set about modifying them to overcome the problem. RV8NOTE228 (Apr 03) More

Another windstop which looks good and works well
Mike Simmonds (Woodcote Green 1504) from Berkshire fitted a windstop supplied by Tij-Power in Germany. RV8NOTE224 (Feb 05) More

Folding windstop for an RV8
John Bolt (Nightfire Red 1228) from Buckinghamshire arrived at the V8 Gathering at Hazeley Heath with his new wind stop which is a particularly neat installation. It even folds down and allows the tonneau to cover the cockpit without the need to remove the wind stop first. This note is illustrated by John's sketches. RV8NOTE205 (May 04) More

Fitting a windstop to an RV8
John Barnes (Woodcote Green 0636) from Wellington New Zealand had devised a windstop for his RV8 which was revealed in a photo sent in from the NZ 50th Anniversary Event. Here Ian Cranston (Flame Red 0342) from Worcestershire describes how he installed a windstop on his RV8. Ian's car appears on the front cover of Volume 4 and on the RV8 Workshop Notes CD. RV8NOTE127 (Mar 02) More
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