Index to articles on replacment cooling hoses for MGBGTV8s and RV8s
Reliable cooling is essential and failures of cooling hoses can be a serious matter. Here we have links to some useful information available on the V8 website.

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Updated: 230412
Information on cooling hoses

Radiator hose failure on an MGBGTV8
Ian Ailes reports a failure with a kevlar cooling hose and Peter Beadle provides some good advice on using good quality string reinforced rubber or silicon replacements. April 2012 More

Heater rail modification to avoid a heavy indentation on a rubber heater hose
Steve Newton has come across a number of RV8s with an indentation on an elbow shaped rubber heater hose on the end of the heater rail near the alternator. He suggests a cure. April 2011 RV8NOTE349

Identifying the RV8 replacement cooling hoses
Simon Austin in Canada posted a V8BB query seeking help in identifying a couple of hoses in the set of eleven in the replacement hose kit. So we have prepared a note identifying each one. January 2011 RV8NOTE338

Replacement plain rubber cooling hoses - a caution
Recently the original style of string reinforced rubber cooling hoses has been resourced and hoses are now available individually or as complete replacement hose sets at reasonable prices. Over recent years, when supplies of string reinforced rubber hoses were not so easy to come by, plain rubber hoses were available and have been bought and fitted to MGBGTV8s and V8 Roadsters by members carrying out routine replacements. In the last ten days or so one of our members experienced a failure with a main cooling hose and it's worth relating how the failure occurred. July 2009 V8NOTE405

Check the steel connecting pipe between the lower cooling hoses
John Holmes has a brief note but it is nonetheless a useful reminder of a check you should make when you change the rubber cooling hoses on your RV8. April 2009 RV8NOTE299

Cooling hoses for the RV8
Mike Howlett posted a query on the V8BB seeking help with the cooling pipes on his conversion. February 2009 RV8NOTE295

Replacing cooling hose BHH1083
Victor Smith (Harvest Gold 1089) had the "S" shaped hose behind and under the carburettors fail and relates how to replace this difficult item. September 2008 V8NOTE386

String reinforced rubber cooling hoses available again
See details of the hose sets. September 2008 More

Concern over poor quality replacement hoses
There have been reports for some time that the quality of replacement rubber cooling hoses for the MGBGTV8 have not been as good as the spares items previously available. But why has the quality dropped off with a reduced service life and loss of reliability? August 2007 More
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