Index to articles on overheating concerns and ways of reducing them for MGBGTV8s and RV8s
Reliable cooling is essential and with an MGBGTV8 it has been a particular area of concern for many years and regularly discussed on the V8 Bulletin Board. In fact there are some fifty V8 Workshop Notes on that topic and associated cooling hose and related matters. Here we have many links to some useful information available on the V8 website.

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Cooling hoses issues with MGBGTV8s and RV8s
Reliable cooling is essential and failures of cooling hoses can be a serious matter. Here we have links to some useful information available on the V8 website. See also the gateway on cooling hoses. More

Where can I get a full set of V8 or V8 Workshop Notes?
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Information on cooling concerns with MGBGTV8s & RV8s

RV8 cooling problem traced to a small crack in the neck of the plastic expansion tank
Chris Yates highlighted a cause of coolant loss on his RV8. His expansion tank was losing fluid and this was because, over time, the pressure cap had been over tightened creating a hardly discernable hole at the mouth of the expansion tank. See his illustrated note. (Jun 14) RV8NOTE390

Overheating and cooling concerns
Overheating and cooling concerns with MGBGTV8s and RV8s are a regular topic for MGV8 enthusiasts so this note acts as a guide to a great deal of useful information available on the V8 website to help fellow MGV8 enthusiasts track down how to solve any issues that may arise. (Jun 14) More

MGV8s and overheating
Is the engine overheating or just very hot and if it is overheating, then why is it doing so? The talk from Nic Houslip at the V8 Day in May 2012 aimed to show how to understand the situation, one which is much discussed by MGV8 enthusiasts. See slides

Cooling fans upgrade from Revotec
One of the topics most often discussed by MGV8 enthusiasts over the years is cooling and overheating. When a cooling airstream is not surging through the radiator matrix then cooling has to be assisted with cooling fans. The original fans are by modern standards basic and of limited effect as the spillage over the ends of the short blades is considerable. But the news is a good quality twin fan kit is available as a cooling upgrade which has been custom engineered to fit and cool your MGBV8. (Aug 12) V8NOTE451

Overheating - it may be a tired radiator cap
Whilst this small tip may be one of the shortest notes in the V8 Workshop Notes series it is sound advice nonetheless. Radiator caps are often seen as a long life item and indeed many give service for many years, but eventually they grow tired and no longer perform well holding the pressure in the cooling system. Then they can contribute to overheating. (Jun 12) V8NOTE448

Cooling fans relay burn out

On returning from a run in heavy traffic Victor Smith could not hear the cooling fans running so checked the engine bay and found the cause. It's a service check many V8 enthusiasts could make to avoid a similar problem. (Mar 12) V8NOTE440

Using Jubilee clips correctly and choosing the right size
Ian Jennings, who runs L. Robinson & Co (Gillingham) Limited in Kent (the manufacturer of Jubilee® Clips), provides a useful guide to using their clips and choosing the correct size for an auto application. (Aug 11) V8NOTE432

Tips in fitting a new water pump
Bob Owen has recently been refurbishing the engine in his MGBGTV8 and has a couple of useful tips. (Apr 11) V8NOTE429

Sourcing and fitting an upgraded aluminium radiator
Graham Cornford (Tundra 0805) in Texas has upgraded his radiator and is waiting for the return of the warm weather to test it. (Jan 11) V8NOTE420

Concerns with modern antifreeze formulations for classic MG enthusiasts
Concerns over the suitability of current antifreeze formulations for use in classic cars were raised in a recent newsletter from the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC). When you refer back to the handbook for the V8 published in 1973 it recommends using Bluecol "U" Universal antifreeze, but on visiting the Bluecol website a small footnote states their Bluecol 5 Year product is "not suitable for classic cars". So what does a V8 enthusiast use for antifreeze today, what are the issues behind the changes to an iconic motoring product like Bluecol and what are the concerns for a classic car enthusiast? (Mar 10) V8NOTE413

High-efficiency four-row radiator for the V8
Gordon Hesketh-Jones reported in late 2008 that he was installing a modified radiator to his well campaigned V8. Now following a trip to Spain, he provides feedback on how it has performed. (Feb 09)

Fitting a cooli
ng fans override switch to an MGBGTV8
Victor Smith (Harvest Gold 1089) longed to be able to turn on the cooling fans in anticipation of a heat build-up in slower traffic, so finally got round to making the modification and found it was a straightforward job. (Oct 08) V8NOTE389

V8 overheating - and now for something different
Bob Owen (Blaze 1625) was on holiday in Italy and discovered the cause of his overheating problem - and it was quite a surprise! (Oct 08) V8NOTE388

Additional cooling fans
Walter Kallenberg (Teal Blue 2131) from Germany is a longstanding V8 member who provides details of the alternative cooling fan installation he has fitted on his Factory MGBGTV8. (Aug 08) V8NOTE382

More on cooling a V8 engine bay
Tony Lake (Flamenco Red 2489) from Northamptonshire has sent in some useful comments on the cooling issues raised in the recent note by the Canadian V8 enthusiast, Barrie Robinson, with his modified MGBGTV8. (Apr 08) V8NOTE378

More beating overheating tales
Barrie Robinson (Gold Beige Metallic 3158) from Canada describes his journey to get his V8 conversion's cooling difficulties under control. (Apr 08) V8NOTE377

More on V8 engine cooling
Tony Lake (Flamenco Red 2489) from Northamptonshire sent in a useful note as a follow up to Bill McCullough's painstaking research into the cooling system used on the Factory MGBGTV8s. (Jan 08) V8NOTE375

Cooling the V8 engine in the MGB
V8 cooling has always been a topical subject for MGV8 enthusiasts and now we have an article on Bill McCullough's painstaking research and findings. It is certain to spark a debate amongst fellow members. (Jan 08) V8NOTE374

Replacement brushes for the cooling fans
Chris Armitage (Tundra 2066) from Hampshire posted a note on the V8BB seeking information on where he could trace some new brushes for his cooling fan motors. His note explains how he tracked them down. (Sep 06) V8NOTE360

V8 cooling fan motors
Following a V8BB posting on replacement brushes for a V8 cooling fan motor, Peter Beadle, formerly parts manager with University Motors and later with Moss, provided a brief note. (Sep 06) V8NOTE359

Fitting an Ultimate Radiator to cool a V8
Jamie Trapp (Blaze 0131) from Australia found cooling a big issue so set about curing it! (Jun 06) V8NOTE352

Reducing heat from downunder in a V8!
John Hornabrook in Queensland Australia has sent in an idea for insulating the floor of a V8 from heat generated by the exhaust system below. (May 06) V8NOTE351

Thermostat wrinkle explained
Philip James (Sandglow2868) from Surrey posted a reply to a query on the V8BB which is a useful reference to avoid frustration later. (Aug 05)

Tracing a V8 overheating problem
Andy Kenning (BRG 4305), a new member from Surrey, spent several frustrating months tracing an unusual fault that caused coolant loss and overheating after every road run but not after static running. It's a useful tip we will all need to tuck away in case it crops up on our own V8. (Jul 04) V8NOTE303

MGBGTV8 cooling and overheating concerns
The exceptionally hot and long Summer in the UK in 2003 has made us only too aware of how hot an MGBGTV8 can become and the particular concerns over cooling. In this note Roger Parker thinks through some of the issues and provides some useful suggestions. (Aug 03) V8NOTE293

Overheating problems with an MGBGTV8
Andrew Egerton-Smith (Tahiti Blue 2610) from Norfolk sought help with continuing problem of overheating in traffic. This note is based on the responses provided by Victor Smith (Harvest Gold 1089) from London SW. (Mar 03) V8NOTE288

The V8 cooling fan motor saga
Bryan Ditchman (Bronze Yellow 1012) from Hampshire has been giving his MGBGTV8 a comprehensive refurbishment over the last 12 months and says "I would like to put in my ten pennyworth in on a positive note" on how to maintain these units. (Jan 03) V8NOTE276

V8 cooling fan motors
Gordon Hesketh-Jones (Harvest Gold 1904) from Cornwall sent in a note concerning cooling fan motors recently and Peter Beadle (Damask 0503) from Gloucestershire well known for his comprehensive knowledge of V8 parts, has contributed a few comments. (Dec 02). A copy is available as V8NOTE271

Plastic plug rot
Keith Rowson, longstanding V8 enthusiasts who now owns an RV8 (Oxford Blue 1764) recently obtained an RV8 from HS Imports and from his checks on the car posted this useful note on the bulletin board on the V8 Register website. It is a useful tip for enthusiasts with MGBV8s too. (Oct 04) V8NOTE264

Engine cooling tip for the MGBGTV8
This note from Bob Mason finally records a tip which has been discussed for years so makes interesting reading for those wanting to get some heat out of the V8 engine bay. A copy is available as V8NOTE255

Fitting an override switch on the V8 cooling fans
Ian Thomson (Black 1474) from Nottinghamshire responded to the recent note by Gordon Hesketh-Jones on engine cooling, with some brief comments on fitting an override switch so the cooling fans can be turned on in anticipation of a heat build up in the engine bay. (Mar 02) V8NOTE249

Improved cooling with the MGBV8
Gordon describes the V8 cooling system as "marginal" and sets out a note on how to improve engine bay cooling. A copy of this useful note is available as V8NOTE248

Overheating mystery
The contributions from Jack Wilson (Bronze Yellow 0188) from Surrey are not long or technically involved but illustrate how a modest contribution based on your experiences of how you solved a particular problem or mystery on your MGBGTV8 could save fellow V8 enthusiasts a great deal of time. (Feb 84) V8NOTE172

Fitting louvres in a V8 bonnet
Simon Horlock sets out a useful tip which was first published in the March 1983 issue of Safety Fast! (Mar 83) V8NOTE149

Cooling system - MGBV8
Steve Foldhazy (Damask 0795) from Australia offers advice on cooling a V8 in Australia. (Mar 84) V8NOTE136

Water pump dowel holes undersize - take care
Mick Westrop (Black 1407) from Hampshire highlights this problem which Victor Smith also met recently when changing a water pump. Be prepared for the procedure set out below but do it dry before the gasket goo goes on! (Feb 84) V8NOTE130

Cooling fan motor
Peter Laidler (Harvest Gold 0811) illustrates the part numbers for the V8 cooling fan motor. V8NOTE61

Cooling fans override switch
Victor Smith (Harvest Gold 1089) relays some recent comments from Philip Morgan (BRG 1022) in Surrey with a useful idea. (May 80) V8NOTE22

Even more cooling tips
Lothar Taverne (Glacier White 5001) from Vienna has a Costello MGBGTV8. This note has been prepared with help from our Swiss member Tom Studer (Damask 0109). V8NOTE16a

More cooling tips
Jim Gibson (Flamenco Red 2435) from Leicestershire adds some details to the current V8 cooling topic. (Jan 80) V8NOTE16

V8 cooling sequel
Jerry Bright (Citron 1956) provides a sequel to Colin Leisk's comprehensive V8 Workshop Note 15. (Jun 79) V8NOTE15a

How to keep cool under pressure - V8 cooling system
Here Colin Leisk (Damask 1729) from Warwickshire provides a comprehensive and seasonal article on maintaining the V8 pressurised cooling system so your V8 does not overheat. (May 79) V8NOTE15
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