Index to articles on servo failures with an MGBGTV8
Fortunately brake failures from servo problems are rare but, unlike difficulties with slave cylinders where early warning signs can usually be detected, early warning signs of potential servo failure are few. But servo failures have been reported by V8 members but fortunately at low speeds and without damage to the car or personal injury. If you have had the experience, thoughts of the consequences of a sudden servo failure at speed are spine chilling!

Here are links to a number of useful notes which hopefully will encourage fellow members to get their servos checked and better still replaced.

Where can I get a full set of RV8 Workshop Notes?
Full sets are available in PDF format on USB Twister memory stick. More

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Updated: 120212
Another brake servo failure reported
Barrie Jones reports "there are three V8s that regularly attend my local natter in Cornwall. and o
ne of them has just had a brake servo failure. The master cylinder was sucked dry without warning". 140503 More

Another servo failure reported

Longstanding V8 enthusiasts, Mike Dunlop with Limeflower 0118, has reported a servo failure. Fortunately like Jim Gibson it was detected on start up - the garage was filled with white smoke as the brake fluid burnt off as it leaked into the inlet manifold from the servo. 120212 More

Brake systems and servos on an MGBGTV8 and RV8
This note explains how the brake servos work on an MGBGTV8 and an RV8. More

V8 servo check-up campaign
V8 brake servo check up special offer
For six months in 2009 the V8 Register ran a campaign with the support of five specialist garages encouraging fellow members to have their servos checked and replaced as a precaution. Although the special offer the specialists supported during that campaign has ended, the note highlights who they are so members can contact them for this vital service item. More

Brake systems and servos on the MGBGTV8 and RV8
Peter Garton with an RV8 from Germany started a thread on the V8BB in August 2007 by posting a message wondering what would happen if the brake servo on his RV8 were to fail. This note brings together the responses to that thread, particularly from Bob Owen. Clearly the braking system on the RV8 is a considerable improvement on the earlier system used in the MGBGTV8 some twenty years earlier and provides better protection against the consequences of brake component or system failures. More

TE low brake fluid sensor - a vital safety device for an MGBGTV8
Bob Owen suffered one of the brake servo failures we have reported over the last few years and decided he would like a little more warning if the brake fluid loss might occur again! He was well placed to create an electronic sensor which fits on the brake fluid master cylinder cap as he runs a successful small electronics business. This kit was launched at the Club's annual International MG Meeting at Silverstone in July 2005 where V8 enthusiasts were be able to see a demonstration unit and many decided to buy one. The kit is described in

V8 brake servo failure caution
There have been five or six servo failures reported over the last ten years where the unit swallows the brake fluid relatively rapidly and leaves the driver with no brakes. For those who have had that spine chilling experience they would urge you to have a 40 year old servo examined off the car and where necessary professionally refurbished. An alternative is to invest in a new servo because the reliability of your V8 brakes is not something to scrimp on – that cost is modest in terms of your peace of mind and safety More
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