Index to articles on refurbishing RV8 wheels
It's a topic raised by members frequently so our information gateway has links to many items on refurbishing wheels and members' reports on how their wheels were refurbsihed by various specialists.

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Full sets are available in PDF format on USB Twister memory stick. More

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Updated: 160407
What do refurbished RV8 wheels look like?
Tim Henderson sought advice on the V8BB on whether recently refurbished wheels should be left or lacquered. Al Barnett provided photos of wheels refurbished by Lepsons. 160407 More

RV8 wheel refurbishment
Al Barnett relates how he had his RV8 wheels refurbished to a very good standard by Lepsons in Kent. (May 14) RV8NOTE389

RV8 wheel refurbishment

Angus Munro relates his experience with having his wheels refurbished at Alloy Art in Essex. (Jul 12) RV8NOTE362

RV8 wheel refurbishment and intermetallic corrosion
Hugh Boddington set about cleaning his wheels and replacing the
removable studs and provides a photo record of the work. (Nov 10) RV8NOTE317

Refurbishing RV8 wheels
This note gathers the comments on the V8BB threads on this topic. (Dec 09) RV8NOTE314

Refurbishing RV8 alloy spoked wheels
David Driver has sent in a report of a first class refurbishment service provided by a specialist company, Spit & Polish in Tonbridge, Kent. (Oct 08) Article

Removing the Wee Nuisance
Robbie Stewart explaining how he replaced the MG badges on his RV8. (Oct 07)

Refurbishing RV8 wheels
Jeff Swan's V8BB posting on how he refurbished his wheels. (Jun 07)

RV8 alloy wheel refurb
A tip from Jeff Swann provides a useful tip which could avoid damage to the dummy wheel studs on an RV8. (May 07) RV8NOTE261

RV8 wheel corrosion
Bryan Ditchman's useful tip will help MG RV8 enthusiasts keep their wheels in good shape. (Sep 99) RV8NOTE15
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