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Reimporting an RV8 to the UK, typically from Japan where a very large proportion of RV8 production was sent, is a complex process most private buyers will prefer to leave to experts with local knowledge and contacts in Japan and experience of the reimport and registration procedures in the UK. Dealing with a specialist in Japan needs considerable care as you are relying on their skills and reliability in obtaining a car to your requirements in terms of condition, their creditworthiness for handling your funds and most important for handling any difficulties or complaints after the car has been purchased, shipped and delivered to you. We have had a report from a member in New Zealand importing an RV8 from Japan, via a "specialist" operating there, of a particularly poor "customer support" when a complaint was raised..

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Workshop note not available online?
You can get a copy of the full set of V8 Workshop Notes and a set of the RV8 Workshop Notes online.

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Information on reimporting an RV8 from Japan to the UK

HMRC - before you buy a car abroad
If you intend purchasing a car abroad, you must, on bringing it into the UK, register it and pay Vehicle Registration Tax (VRT). All motor vehicles in the UK, other than those brought in temporarily by visitors, must be registered with the Revenue Commissioners. A vehicle must be registered before it can be licensed for motor tax purposes.
In order to be able to register the vehicle, you must present proof of identity - a Passport or a Driving Licence along with the vehicle and all the other required documentation at a National Car Testing Centre or NCTS. More

How to import your vehicle into the UK
This publication, INF106 from the DVLA, explains how to register a car imported to the UK. For a UK registration, if you have an original European Certificate of Conformity it will need to state that the speedometer shows miles per hour (imperial units) and that the vehicle is suitable for driving on the left-hand side of the road. If this is not stated then you will require additional approval. VCA

Reimporting a used classic car
Guide to the process. More

How Do I Register an Imported Classic Car in the UK?
Guide notes from TradeClassics. More

Codes, Certificates and Vehicle Data for MG Rover cars
MGR C&C Services is authorised to supply a selection of Codes, Certificates and Vehicle Data as a service to persons and organisations that can prove they have a right to the information. The charges for this service are approved by PwC and are set out on the company's website. The items currently available are:
> European Certificates of Conformity
> Dating Certificates
> Selection of Vehicle Details e.g. Specification, Paint Code/Colour
and Radio Codes
> Ignition Codes
> Emergency Key Access Codes
Useful services, MGR C&C

Where do you buy an RV8?
A good selection of RV8s is advertised for sale on the RV8s for Sale webpages on the V8 website and there a several well known RV8 specialists who actively trade RV8s and regularly get good member satisfaction reports - in the UK Clive Wheatley mgv8parts, Brown & Gammons and Classic and Sportscar Consultants. In Australia there are James Brown at the MG Car Centre in Tasmania and Stuart Ratcliffe at RV8 Cars Australia in Sydney. The supply of RV8s reimported from Japan is a very important factor in both the UK and Australian markets, but how do you go about getting one? (Oct 08) More

Specialist RV8 reimporters

See our listing of specialists. (Oct 08) More

Reimporting an RV8 - what are the options?
Many MG enthusiasts are buying reimported RV8s and the flow returning to the UK is substantial - but what options are available to prospective purchasers of reimported RV8s and what prudent concerns should they have in buying from either a local agent in Japan or from a UK based specialist RV8 trader? This note by Victor Smith provides a guide to the options together with a footnote with the views of Chris Watkins, who ran the specialist RV8 reimporter HS Imports in Somerset. (Oct 03) More
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