Index to articles on RV8 hoods - caring for them, maintaining them and replacing them
Taking care of your hood and the zipped rear window will help extend the life of your hood. It's a topic often raised by RV8 enthusiasts so here we have a "gateway webpage" to the useful information on the V8 website.

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RV8 hood - maintaining and replacing
See our notes and articles on maintaining and replacing the RV8 hood.

Make sure your hood toggle catches are fixed correctly
Michael Bernhard (Woodcote Green 1169) in Switzerland posted a useful caution on the V8 Bulletin Board. 100815 RV8NOTE332

Renovo products for your RV8 hood
Angus Munro posted a note on the V8BB of his good experience with Renovo's product. 090710 RV8NOTE303

Caution with the RV8 hood catches
Clive Wheatley was returning from the Historic Le Mans and became aware the windscreen frame toggle catches securing the front rail of the hood were showing signs of coming loose! 080715 RV8NOTE286

Replacing an RV8 hood
Mike Lane (Oxford Blue 0855) from Andover Hampshire recently had a number of new hoods fitted. Here he highlights a problem - there are two types of hood frame! 070515 RV8NOTE268 & RV8NOTE262

Renovo soft top care products
Following RV8 Workshop Note 107 from David Lawler, Victor Smith (Harvest Gold V8 1089) called Renovo who provided a brochure with details and prices of their useful range of soft top care products. This note is based on the text of Renovo's brochure and provides a summary of that information. 010815 RV8NOTE113

Cleaning a coffee stain from an RV8 hood
Whilst David Lawler (Woodcote Green RV8 1920) was having an alarm fitted, unfortunately the installation company managed to spill coffee on the soft top. This brief note sets out how he cleaned up the mess. 010615 RV8NOTE107

Sheared hood pivot repair
Roger Parker has had daily use of an RV8 and sets out how to repair a sheared pivot pin on the hood frame. 991115 RV8NOTE47

Stiff Hood Operation
Roger Parker provides this brief note on how to deal with a stiff hood frames on the RV8. 991015 RV8NOTE46

Hood rattle
Bryan Ditchman (Caribbean Blue 0265) has a short note on how to remove a rattle from your hood. 990915 RV8NOTE20

RV8 hood - rear window and zip
See our notes and articles on maintaining the rear window and zip.

Scratch reduction on an RV8 rear window
Philip Irving in Germany posted a note on the V8BB of his experience with a useful product for removing scratches from an RV8 rear screen. 130913 RV8NOTE380

Useful tool for fitting a hood press stud
A useful tip from Richard Wood posted on the V8BB if you need a new hood "press stud". The hood and also tonneau fasteners for the RV8 are called Durable Dots and are available in chrome or black. The note provides information on the supplier and how to fit the fasteners. 110402 RV8NOTE348

RV8 rear window zip
Peter Wallis sought help on the V8BB with sticking zip and some useful tips followed. 110310 RV8NOTE343

Renovo's plastic window polish works!
Angus Munro posted a note on the V8BB of his good experience with Renovo's product. 090710 RV8NOTE303

Problems with the zip on the rear screen in the RV8 soft top
Victor Rodregues (Oxford Blue RV8 1621) from Switzerland reported a difficulty with the zip around his rear screen. This note explains how he resolved it together with some comments from John Barnes (Woodcote Green RV8 0636) in Wellington New Zealand. 010815 RV8NOTE109

Hood backlight replacement
Whenever Bryan Ditchman (Caribbean Blue 0265) left his car in the drive with the hood up, his neighbour's cat would enjoy basking in the sun on the mohair hood, not only leaving a patch of black and white hairs but also creating a dip in the hood. Bryan lashed out £40 on a high frequency scare machine but the cat got used to the noise and just smiled at Bryan through the kitchen window! Finally Bryan ran out with a bucket of water whereupon the cat kindly slid down the rear window with its claws out and disappeared! Hence the need for a new backlight and the source of information for this note! 000115 RV8NOTE53
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