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Many RV8 enthusiasts would like to get an original hardtop for their car but they are rare.

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Updated: 161011
Spares wanted adverts work on the V8 website
An RV8 hardtop wanted was posted in August 2016 and the advertiser located in Alsace in France reported promptly that he had found & purchased one. 160805 More

RV8 in Holland with a prototype Krafthaus hardtop
Jan van den Boorn is the fifth owner of a UK specification RV8 which is fitted with a prototype hardtop from Krafthaus finished in Le Mans Green. 120828 More

RV8 hardtop wiring loom
Peter Steyn from South Africa posted a note on the V8BB seeking help with wiring up an RV8 hardtop. Dr Gavin Bailey provides this useful illustrated note. 060406 More

Rare RV8 hardtop sold
Original Krafthaus RV8 hardtop is complete with a protective stand and a cover and appears hardly to have been used as it is completely unmarked and in 'as new condition'. 070808 More

New RV8 hardtops
Probably the most exciting spares news in 2008
Many RV8 enthusiasts who have tried in vain to buy an RV8 hardtop in the secondhand market will be delighted to hear Clive has succeeded in obtaining a small batch of remanufactured RV8 hardtops using the original Krafthaus moulds. Update: no longer available. 080523 More

Hardtops for RV8s
Mike Simmonds contacted the V8 Register for help with finding a supplier who has good quality RV8 hardtops. This note sets out the current position in October 2002. 021008 More
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