Articles on rechipping an RV8 engine
Rechipping an RV8 engine is a topic which has regularly come up on the V8BB and in the RV8 Workshop Notes series.
Here we have gathered together links to the useful information available on the V8 website.

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Full sets are available in PDF format on USB Twister memory stick. More

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Updated: 151111
Articles on rechipping an RV8 engine

Improving your MG RV8
Recently Roger Moran had some 'under the bonnet' changes made to his RV8 which have resulted in improved performance and lower fuel consumption. The engine now runs even more smoothly, and, in Roger's opinion, results in a greater enjoyment of the car. Here Roger explains why and how the changes were made. 151111 More

Avoiding a toasted ignition amplifier!
The amplifier is stuck to the inner wing when an Optimax chip upgrade is made
but it can become unstuck and fall on to the exhaust. This useful tip will avoid that toasting!. RV8NOTE402

Useful information and guides from Mark Adams
The following documents are reproduced on the V8 Website with a permission granted to the V8 Register on 24th May 2012:

Brief notes on the chips supplied by Mark Adams and the benefits (copyright Mark Adams).

Lucas 14CUX fuel injection system - installation & diagnostic notes (copyright Mark Adams 061106). More

Notes on fitting a new EPROM chip to a Lucas CUX ECU (copyright Mark Adams 2000). More

Rechipping an RV8 engine
It's a topic which has regularly come up on the V8BB and in RV8 Workshop Notes. Two interesting threads popped up in July 2010 and May 2008 launched by a queries from Ross Boyd in Australia and Peter Garton in Germany. More and More

Optimax chip upgrade
Derek Squires from Hampshire is another member who reports satisfaction with the Optimax chip upgrade supplied and fitted by V8 specialists Rpi in Norfolk. 010706 RV8NOTE251

Rechipping an RV8 at RPI
John Dutton from Kent had his RV8 rechipped recently and provides a report and some photos. 010505 RV8NOTE230

Rechipping an RV8
Peter Wallis posted a query on the V8BB in February 2005 seeking information on re-chipping an RV8. Here Gavin Bailey from Surrey describes his experience of having a chip fitted at RPI in Norfolk together with a V8BB posting from David Farrer-Brown and an earlier note from Chris Hunt Cooke. 010205 RV8NOTE226

ECU location, removal and refit
David Boniface in Japan contacted the V8 Register for information on fitting an Optimax chip and how to remove the ECU. We put him onto John Barnes in Wellington New Zealand who produced this useful note based on his experiences of fitting an Optimax chip supplied by RPI in the UK. 010702 RV8NOTE144

RV8 Performance upgrade
For those RV8 enthusiasts who wish for a smoother response, improved torque and economy, Bryan Ditchman suggests you contact RPI International Limited in Norwich. Their kit is available without the need for a single spanner inside the engine compartment. 011009 RV8NOTE21

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Diagnostic plug on an RV8
The anonymous member who contributed this article has the full range of hand-held equipment and databooks needed for electrical component testing and fault diagnosis on the MG RV8. He warns that although the RV8 may look like a cosmetically-reworked variant of the MGB with a V8 engine, it is in fact full of modern electronic systems which need training and sophisticated equipment to carry out relatively routine servicing tasks. 010901 RV8NOTE115
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