Radar cameras and devices that provide information on camera locations

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Greater use of "stealth" cameras
A new generation of speed cameras is being installed on UK motorways in "significant numbers" to enforce speed limits - and they are proving very effective. They are known as Hadecs3 and they are hard to spot as they are a dull grey colour and require no telltale white markings on the road surface. Without the yellow painted face seen on traditional Gatso cameras, it's not only their reduced visibility that causes the "stealth" claims but also the uncertainty from the variable level of use and enforcement with Hadecs3 by various police forces on motorways in the UK. 150222 More

What's the current situation in the UK with radar speed detectors?

Legislation was brought in with the Road Safety Act 2006 and the relevant section covering radar detectors is s.18 but it has not yet been commenced. Therefore it is not yet in force and perhaps never will be.
See our link to an update in a NEWS item. 140727 More

Change of law in France bans GPS devices that warn of speed cameras
From 4th January 2012 a new law in France makes it illegal to be warned about the location of speed cameras while you are driving. If you have a SATNAV with speed camera warnings you risk getting a fine.
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Zero tolerance radar cameras
Ian Quarrington contributed a link for our V8 Idle Moments series. 071220 More

Radar detectors
Look back at five items posted up to 2005 on radar detectors, including the Valentine One/2 available in the US. More
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