Index to articles available on the V8 website on the Pertronix replacement electronic ignition system on an MGBGTV8
Fitting an electronic ignition system as a replacement for the original contact breakers to obtain improved ignition performance and reliability is a modification many V8 enthusiasts will want to consider. But what are the electronic ignition options and what issues have fellow members seen when fitting a Petronix system. So here we have a "gateway webpage" to the useful information on the V8 website.

Points adjuster modification described alongside.

The Pertronix Ignitor system is a compact and neat installation fitting entirely within the distributor. No external box of electronics is required, but you do have to bring a 12v ignition feed wire ( by-passing the ballast resistor) to the unit. The high voltage coils also require a full 12v supply.

Where can I get a full set of V8 Workshop Notes?
Full sets are available in PDF format on USB Twister memory stick. More

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for the MGBGTV8. More
Petronix upgrade with a new distributor
What a pleasure driving the V8 is now - it pulls smoothly and confidently from low revs and runs crisply with a zest on the road. Fitting a Petronix Ignitor to an MGBGTV8 distributor has got rid of an irritating misfire - a real transformation and a smooth V8 engine, just as it should be! 160312 More & V8NOTE441

Brand new distributors available for the MGBGTV8

The Distributor Doctor has fortunately acquired a few brand new, UK made Lucas 35D8 distributors in the earlier style complete with points and external dwell adjustment with the hexagonal bar. They also have the original vacuum advance unit with the offtake midway down the slope which is exactly correct for the MGBGTV8 model. The centrifugal advance curve is also correct too. 021111 More

Feedback from Pete Thomas
Pete Thomas thanked fellow members for their prompt replies to the emails on the Pertronix option and for setting up a workshop note on this. He hoped that the combined experience will now help to resolve some of the issues that V8 Register members have recently experienced with poor quality condensers and points and worn distributors - his main reasons for going to an electronic system. It is not cheap to replace the ignition system but it should pay for itself in improved economy and parts as he intends keeping his V8 for a long period. Unfortunately, the wear on the distributor (his had done 150k miles from new) necessitated a re-conditioning which is much more expensive but important for many reasons including better advance accuracy, better system earthing and less wear on the rotors and covers."

Points adjuster modification
When fitting the Pertronix kit you need to remove the spring from the points adjustment screw and tighten the screw as far as possible. Note: the adjusting bolt is not removed, just the spring. More

V8NOTE435 - Pertronix electronic ignition queries

Pete Thomas was having a V8 distributor serviced prior to installing a Pertronix electronic ignition set up as a replacement for the original contact breakers. He had a few queries and sought help from the V8 Register saying any guidance you can give regarding this will help and Bob Grieves responded. 300811 V8NOTE435

Pertronix Ignitor II installation instructions
See a copy of the instructions that come with an Ignitor II electronic ignition kit for the V8 distributor:
Page 1 -installation instructions
Page 2 -wiring instructions and common questions & answers
Page 3 - wiring a high performance coil when retaining the ballast resistor
Pertronix Ignitor website

Surge in business for the Distributor Doctor
Following the brief item on poor quality replacement rotor arms and condensers in the four page V8 Newsletter in the December 2010 issue of Safety Fast! (see copy below), Martin Jay has been in touch to say he has had a surge in enquiries and orders. 061210 More

Does your distributor need the Doctor?
Meeting Martin Jay who runs the distributor refurbishment and spares specialist, the Distributor Doctor, down in Somerset was an opportunity to see how he refurbishes distributors for all types of MG. This two page article, published in Safety Fast!, covers a strip down of a V8 distributor. 131110 More

V8NOTE379 More on V8 distributors
Gordon Hesketh-Jones (Harvest Gold 1904) from Cornwall has clocked up more than 400,000 miles in his MGBGTV8 so has had a higher maintenance workload than many fellow V8 enthusiasts. He also uses his V8 for touring in Europe so reliability is a key concern for him and one area is the reliability of his ignition system. As an update on his earlier V8NOTES on this topic, Gordon reports his experience with fitting a Pertronix electronic ignition system. 010608 V8NOTE379

V8NOTE365 Distributor options for the MGBGTV8
Gordon Hesketh-Jones (Harvest Gold 1907) from Cornwall uses his car all the year round and with a total mileage now rapidly approaching 400,000 so has a great deal of experience of maintaining the model from his regular servicing work and numerous rebuilds. One regular service difficulty is with worn distributors, so he set about some research into the options for the V8 which he reports on in this note. 010707 V8NOTE365
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