Index to articles on winter lay-ups for MGV8s
Laying-up a classic car over the Winter months is something many classic car enthusiasts do so they can avoid taking their car out in bad conditions, particularly when there is salt on the roads. But
how do you lay up and store an MGV8 and what some of the issues to bear in mind? So here we have a "gateway webpage" to the useful information from the V8 Register and the MG Car Club's monthly magazine, Safety Fast!.

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Members' views on winter lay-ups

Storing a V8 over winter - postings from the V8BB

An interesting thread on keeping moisture off a V8 when stored in a garage during the Winter months ran on the V8BB in January. It was started by Peter Garton from Germany and attracted many interesting contributions. This note captures them for the series and illustrates how useful the V8BB can be - compiled by Victor Smith. (Jan 06)

Articles setting out the concerns and tips

Battery care for a winter lay-up
Nic Houslip is often asked what is the best way to care for a car battery when laying up a car for the forthcoming winter. (Oct 13) More

Winter lay ups
Comprehensive four page article by Colin Grant, with the assistance of car care experts Hamilton Classics, published in the January 2011 issue of Safety Fast!, the monthly magazine of the MG Car Club. More

Laying up an MGB or MGBGTV8 - a corrosion engineer's thoughts

Geoff Seaton
Geoff Seaton (Black 2896) from Berkshire was until recently an engineer with British Airways and is very familiar with the care and attention needed on maintaining quality machinery. Here he sets out some ideas on lay up products. (Oct 83)

Lay up and storage concerns for the MGBV8 enthusiast

Dave Wellings
A comprehensive note on how lay up and store a V8 and some of the issues to bear in mind. Many members take their MGBV8s off the road for the winter period to avoid the ravages of salt on the bodywork but a number of difficulties can arise when the car is fired up for an airing after a lengthy lay-up. Whilst the motivation for members laying up their V8s in winter is clear (they want to avoid the bodywork ravages from the salt spread on winter roads), it is just as important to ensure the car is kept dry whilst it is stored in the garage. Keeping the air moving under and around the car is a worthwhile precaution and an electric fan connected to a timer provides a useful period of breeze each day. Here Dave Wellings (Black V8 0974) provides some tips. (October 00)

Corrosion concerns
Biofuels, particularly when stored for lengthy periods in a classic car laid up for periods during the winter months, attract water leading to corrosion in classic car fuel storage tanks and fuel supply systems. The FBHVC is actively working on these issues and have commissioned tests of corrosion inhibitors and have plans to encourage the distribution of an inhibitor for classic car enthusiasts. More

SORN and continuous insurance when you lay-up an MGV8

Continuous insurance
Classic car owners could easily trip up by forgetting their insurance renewal needs attending to when their car is garaged but not on a SORN. See our CIE gateway
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