Index to articles on upgrading sealed beam headlights on an MGBGTV8 to a reflector/lens units with halogen bulbs
Many V8 members with an MGBGTV8 still fitted with the original sealed beam headlight units find the lighting provided is not satisfactory, particularly when driving in the dark on unlit rural roads and lanes. It's made worse in wet conditions of course. So a popular upgrade has been to replace the sealed beam units with a new lens/reflector unit which will take a halogen bulb. The transformation is quite extraordinary and the sense of improved safety is reassuring.

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Updated: 200212
Cibie headlight conversion
In V8NOTE348 David Biddle (Chartreuse 2839) from Buckinghamshire provides a useful note on his long term experience with the Cibie replacement round headlamp units. (March 2006) V8NOTE348

Lighting history and terminology
In V8NOTE326 Bob Owen (Blaze 1625) from Hampshire provides some useful notes for those who might be interested. (April 2005) V8NOTE326

Upgrading the sealed beam headlight units on the V8
Most V8 enthusiasts who still have sealed beam headlights find the lights wholly inadequate for modern driving conditions. Steve Taylor, who runs the auto electrical supplier SVC at Tamworth in the West Midlands, provides a useful note on upgrading sealed beams so more modern lighting standards can be achieved. The comments from members point to the Cibie replacement units as the preferred option. (April 2005) V8NOTE324
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