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Updated: 150223
Articles covering MGBGTV8 engine mounts

MGBGTV8 engine mountings article
An article with all the notes mentioned below is available online. Since the launch of the V8NOTES series in early 1979, the topic of engine mountings has often come up, often with the offside mounting knocking the steering column. This article brings together the various notes on engine mountings published in the V8NOTES series over the years.
An easy way of checking whether the series covers a topic is to check with the detailed Index to the series - a copy comes with each set of V8NOTES and a copy is also available on the V8 website where it can be accessed and a copy easily downloaded via the link below. 150223
Detailed Index to the V8NOTES

Early signs of engine mount failure

Bob Smith from Gloucestershire has a Sebring bodied MGBGT built as dual purpose road legal and track day car with a 300bhp V8 engine. Here he relates how he traced a problem to weak engine mounts - a useful reminder for RV8 members and a few MGBGTV8 owners with inner wing cut-outs for the exhaust. (Dec 14)

Engine stabiliser bars

This note is prepared from the various postings on the bulletin board, part of the V8 Register website, with the initial query from Brian Marshall (Teal Blue 4180) from Surrey and then contributions from Mike Barnfather from Lancashire, John Bourke from London N, Daniel Heyer from Germany, Keith Rowson from Hertfordshire and Dave Wellings from Yorkshire. (Aug02)

Engine mounting brackets round the right way

Steve Thorning (Blaze 1890) from Hampshire runs the Shoulder of Mutton with his father and is our host for the annual V8 Gathering there. In this note he provides a very useful doublecheck if you work on the engine mountings. (Mar 84)

Tail End Tip, Volume 1
Packing sheet with the offside engine mounting

A Factory tip from Geoff Allen which came from his experience with the hard driven police MGBGTV8s. (Dec 79)

Right hand engine mounting

Jim Gibson (Flamenco Red 2435) sets out a useful sequel to Geoff Allen's recent note (Jan 80)

Engine mountings & engine removal

This brief and useful tip comes from Geoff Allen who owns the first rubber bumpered MGBGTV8. (Aug 79)
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