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Updated: 151110
Check you antiroll bar drop links
Recently there have been some failures of the front antiroll drop links. These connect the outer ends of the antiroll bar to their respective lower suspension arm. Nic Houslip feels it is probably worth spending time checking the condition of the drop links. 151110 More

Drop link failure on an MGBGTV8 - V8NOTE454
Alan McLean reported a drop link failure on the V8 Bulletin Board and a subsequent discussion revealed concern over some replacement parts. Geoff King was curious to know what an RV8 drop link looked like and Ron Gammons' sent in a photo comparing the two saying "there doesn't seem any reason why the beefier RV8 one couldn't be used on the MGBV8". A week or so later Gordon Hesketh-Jones reported he had successfully fitted a set of RV8 drop links on his MGBGTV8. 120801 More

Broken drop link on an MGBGTV8
Broken drop link (antiroll bar link) on an MGBGTV8. 120723 More

MGB and RV8 drop links (antiroll bar link) compared
The RV8 link (in the foreground) and the MGB V8 link compared. The overall dimensions are virtually identical. Both feature a friction weld joining the link rod to the attachment bracket. The RV8 bracket is more substantial than the MGB one but we have not known failures of the brackets on either, but there have been some failures with the MGB brackets from one supplier who we don't use. There doesn't seem any reason why the beefier RV8 one couldn't be used on the MGBV8 but they both have the friction weld, which it has to be said has served well over a million links on the MGB alone. 120720 More & Friction weld

MGB drop link (antiroll bar link) failure
Illustrated note. 120718 More

Drop link (antiroll bar link) on an RV8
Extract from RV8 Reapir Manual AKM7144ENG. 120717 More

MGB drop link (antiroll bar link) failure
Drop link failure photos from Alan McLean. 120717 More

Replacing the bush in a drop link at the end of the antiroll bar
RV8NOTE385 describes the job. 140122 More
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