MGB bonnet safety catch concerns

There have been a couple of reports of the MGB bonnet safety catch failing with the bonnet lifting in the airstream and blowing back over the windscreen. Needless to say that is a very dangerous situation as the driver can no longer see the road and controlling the car and bringing it safely to rest is very difficult. Here we have gathered together links to several useful notes available on the V8 Website to alert fellow members to the risk of a failure and highlight two protective modifications devised by fellow V8 members.

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Background to the concerns over the bonnet safety catch
Malcolm Venables reported a dangerous experience he had suffered with his bonnet catch failing which allowed the bonnet to blow up onto his screen. He describes how it happened and the frightening difficulties he experienced, then recommended the bonnet catch should be checked carefully as a regular service item. Two additional protection modifications have been devised by fellow members but they both strongly recommend that the original bonnet locking mechanism and safety catch are regularly serviced as a primary protection measure.

Essential bonnet lock and safety catch servicing for an MGB
Regular cleaning and servicing the MGB bonnet release and safety catch on an MGB and its derivatives are essential as reports of a few failures of the lock and safety catch leaving the bonnet free to lift in the airstream and blow up over the windscreen are a real concern. Here Ralph Coulson describes his regular inspection and maintenance routine. 050512 V8NOTE447

Failed MGB bonnet catch - an alternative solution
Here is a solution to provide some protection should the safety catch fail to arrest a bonnet suddenly lifting in the airstream. 030512 V8NOTE446

Modification to avoid a failed MGB bonnet catch
Ralph Coulson describes an interesting modification he has fitted to his V8 Roadster conversion (Flame Red 4398) to provide additional protection should the original bonnet safety catch fail. 030512 V8NOTE444

Caution with your bonnet catch
Malcolm Venables reported a dangerous experience with his bonnet catch failing which allowed the bonnet to blow up onto his screen. Here he describes how it happened and his recommendation that bonnet catch should be checked carefully as a service item. 010911 V8NOTE436

How do you open the bonnet when the release cable has snapped?
Alan McLean (Damask 1516) in Dublin posted a message on the V8BB seeking advice on how overcome this problem and Geoff Allen, who worked in the Rectifications Department at the MG Factory for 27 years, came up with his routine for getting the bonnet undone again. 010505 V8NOTE325
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