Selecting SU needles, rolling road testing and fitting K&N air filters

What effects do alternative SU needles have on power, torque and fuel economy? What information can you get from a session on a rolling road. What are members' experience with fitting K&N air filters on an MGBGTV8?

Where can I get a full set of V8 or V8 Workshop Notes?

Full sets are available in PDF format on USB Twister memory stick. More

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On the rolling road with Peter Burgess
Gavin Bailey reports on a session on the rolling road with his MGBGTV8. Gavin says "they did a fantastic job on the car. It's now producing 150bhp at the flywheel and is so much smoother to drive. I'd very much recommend a visit." 140721 More

Dyno specialist - Novatech in Slough
David Waterton says "I recently had my V8 Roadster checked out on a local rolling road based in Slough. The firm is called Novatech, a small business owned and operated by a father and son team to whom I shall return when the need next arises. 250509 More

Needle choice for SU carburettors on an MGBGTV8

A V8 Bulletin Board thread on needles for SU carburettor needles for the MGBGTV8, followed the release of V8NOTE400 from Alan Rennie on his rolling road test session with his V8. Here Gordon Hesketh-Jones describes his experience in checking SU needles on a rolling road. 010409 More

Rolling road test session with an MGBGTV8
Gordon Hesketh-Jones (Harvest Gold 1904) from Cornwall has clocked up around 400,000 miles using his V8 a great deal in the UK and touring on Mainland Europe. He decided it was time to check out his carburettor needle choice and settings on a rolling road. 010409 More

On the rolling road at Aldon Engineering
Alan Rennie has always been impressed by the performance of his MGBGTV8, but just recently had felt things were not quite what they once had been. He had carried out all the usual checks, but that old sparkle was simply lacking. Was it the timing? - well with a 123 fully electronic distributor fitted, very unlikely. What about the leads, or maybe the plugs, even perhaps the carburettors? All checked out, so what was denying the car its legendary performance? 300109 More
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