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Fitting power steering to an MGBGTV8 or RV8 is a topic often raised by V8 enthusiasts so here we have a "gateway webpage" to the useful information on the V8 website.

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Full sets are available in PDF format on USB Twister memory stick. More

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First impressions with EZ EPAS on an RV8
Fitting power steering to an older MG is a topic often raised, particularly in relation to the RV8 which many people find heavy to steer. Hydraulic power assisted steering systems have been available for a while, and some RV8s reimported from Japan have been retrofitted there with the MGF system. Now a new electric conversion is available in the UK. Mike Lane gives his first impressions of the pleasure of driving his RV8 fitted with an EZ EPAS retrofit from Clive Wheatley mgv8parts. More

Review of power steering options
Fitting power steering to a classic MG is a topic often raised, particularly in relation to the RV8 which many people find heavy to steer. Hydraulic power assisted steering (PAS) systems have been available for a while, and some RV8s reimported from Japan have been retrofitted there with the MGF EPAS (electric power assisted steering) system. With a new EPAS conversion available in the UK, how do these systems compare? Victor Smith reviews the available options. 121211 More

Further information on EPAS for MGV8s

Because the electric power steering system is truly speed-sensitive it will steer light at low speeds and not become lighter at high speed. The amount of assistance can be selected by turning a potentiometer, so the driver can select the desired feel - for example more assistance with wider tyres and/or a smaller steering wheel. With an hydraulic system there is usually no possibility of adjustment at all. In the unlikely event that the EPAS system has a defect, the car would steer exactly like it did prior to the power steering conversion. If a car fitted with an hydraulic system has a fault, then the steering would feel extremely heavy. Another feature is the EPAS works without making a sound, it cannot leak and is completely maintenance free. See details of Clive Wheatley's new EPAS for MGV8s. 040210 More

New EPAS system for MGV8s
Good new for many MGV8 enthusiasts who would like to cure heavy steering on their MG without changing the steering characteristics of the car. Well now a Dutch group, EZ Power Steering, says "we can now offer you a solution: an EZ Electric Power Assisted Steering system that is completely hidden underneath the dashboard. Clive Wheatley reports he has started fitting their well engineered EPAS
kits to RV8s. 040210 More

Could the RV8 have had PAS originally?
With the increasing interest in PAS retrofits amongst RV8 enthusiasts, Victor Smith looks back at a PAS installation carried out for MG Rover in 1994 to see if it could be incorporated in the manufacture of the car or as an aftermarket re trofit. But with serious difficulties in fitting the system to the Japan spec RV8 with the additional aircon underbonnet kit and the costs osts following which they decided to drop further work on the modification on cost grounds. 020809 More

Retrofit EPAS system for an RV8
Many enthusiasts comment the steering can feel heavy with an RV8 but this may be because they have become conditioned to the light steering effort with power assisted steering on modern cars they drive on a regular basis. There are two ways of solving this difficulty on an RV8 - you can fit a castor reduction kit or have a power assisted steering retrofit.
151008 More

First impressions of PAS conversion on an RV8
David Driver has enjoyed MGs for much of his life and was delighted with the RV8 he has had for the last two years but found the steering very heavy. He sought the views of many fellow RV8 enthusiasts and encouraged several threads on the V8 Register's bulletin board on the topic. He found the quality of the technical and insurance disclosure issues raised on the board were very helpful. He had read Peter Garton's detailed workshop note on his RV8 PAS installation prepared following his conversion of his car back in December 2005. David also considered fitting a castor reduction kit to achieve lighter steering but in the end decided to have an electro-hydraulic PAS system. 270308

Fitting hydraulic PAS to an RV8
Peter Garton (Woodcote Green 1238) from Germany has had an electro-hydraulic PAS system fitted to his RV8 and explains in RV8NOTE235 how the process went.
Peter says "the steering on the RV8 is really quite heavy and is really noticeable when one is manoeuvring in a car park or at the kerbside trying to get in to a parking bay. Older drivers like me really have to struggle with the wheel and deal with the large turning circle. Thus the idea of having the PAS fitted was one I considered. Although PAS was not a factory fitting, the idea of PAS for the RV8 had been considered by Rover Cars back in 1994 when Steering Developments in Hemel Hempstead were engaged to research PAS systems for the model, but had been dropped on cost grounds. 151205 RV8NOTE235
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