Articles on MOT tests for classic MGV8s
Any suggestion that classic cars might be considered for MOT testing or other aspects of their use as a separate category does run the risk of unintended consequences. We can see how various constraints have been introduced in other countries. It's very easy to suggest changes that would suit the immediate convenience or concerns of classic car enthusiasts but not so easy to be certain that may not give rise to the subsequent talk leading to the introduction of unwanted measures that might adversely affect classic car use or costs. The current MOT test carried out by an experienced and considerate tester is a very useful annual check - the real issue is finding a good tester and sharing that news with fellow V8 members.

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Articles and NEWS on MOT testing for MGV8s

Muddle over eligibility for old-style non-reflective numberplates
A FBHVC newsletter in 2015 noted "at every meeting with DVLA we learn something completely new! In this case it is that the end date for black and white (or silver and white) number plates is linked to the historic tax class date. So we were told that non-reflective plates are now permitted from 1st April 2015 on vehicles built before 1st January 1975." Muddle or unintended consequence? 150901 More & More

Is your car overdue for its MOT test?
Many members may be unaware of the current size of the penalty for driving a car without a current MOT certificate. With classic cars often insurance, road tax disc and MOT expiry dates can get out of sync so the renewal dates can be at various times in the year - so losing track of the MOT expiry date is very easy to do. In the past that might have been brushed aside as a mistake and have been rectified as soon as you spotted it - but not now! Driving a car without a current MOT (even unwittingly) can result in a costly fine. 140312 More

Classic cars stay on the road after EU U-turn
The European Commission has backed down over plans which would have seen owners of classic cars being forced to take them off the road if they had been modified in any way. 201212 More
& More

FBHVC update on MOT exemption
The latest FBHVC newsletter notes "from 18th November vehicles manufactured prior to 1st January 1960 will be exempt from the MOT test. The newsletter highlights some issues for a few cars. 011012 More

Further FBHVC update on EU vehicle testing proposals
An update from the FBHVC in its latest newsletter. 011012 More

Update on the EU roadworthiness testing proposals

Some media commentary on this topic circulating has tended towards the Private Frazer "we're all doomed" end of the scale. It's certainly a serious issue and the FBHVC is treating it accordingly, so today has issued a press release with a measured and authoritative report on the current situation. 230812 FBHVC press release

Worrying European MOT development
Report that European-wide legislation looks set to shake up the MoT system in the UK in the coming years – and if current thinking within the working group comes to pass, then the in-built flexibility of the UK system, which allows certain modifications to road cars, will no longer be allowed.
100812 More

Historic Vehicles MOT Exemption Review announcemnet from the DfT and FBHVC press release. 210512 More

Relaxing MOT test requirements for classic cars
Thread on the V8 Bulletin Board on this topic. 230312 More

Mixed views on relaxing MOT test requirements for classic cars
Classic Car Weekly claims its survey of classic car clubs "has shown almost universal opposition" to plans to abolish MOT testing for pre-1960 cars. This contrasts with the views of over 4,000 participants in a survey carried out by the Federation of British Historic Vehicle Clubs (FBHVC) which indicated general support for the DfT proposalsn. 230312

Results of the FBHVC survey
See the FBHVC survey resultsfor the DfT consultation on the proposal to exempt all pre 60s vehicles from the annual MOT test. 110212 More

DfT consultation on the proposal to exempt all pre 60s vehicles from the annual MoT test

The consultation proposing to exempt all vehicles manufactured prior to 1960, has now been published - see link to the left. The FBHVC is seeking views from historic vehicle owners before responding. 231111 More

Historic Vehicles MoT Exemption Review Consultation

An interesting development which is part of the UK Government's "Reducing Regulation" agenda. 071111 More

Good MOT testing stations spotted by fellow members

Supporting MOT testing stations who are familiar with older vehicles like our classic MGs makes sense
See our listing of reports from fellow V8 members of good MOT testing stations with experienced and considerate testers. More
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