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You can make a Vehicle Enquiry to check the vehicle details for your car with a search on the DVLA website. Just go to the "Welcome" page and then click Vehicle Search, then fill in your vehicle registration number and make of car - MG - whereupon a search report will pop up in the form below.

Date of Liability
I think this is "DVLA speak" for the date following the date when my current tax disc ends. So the DVLA mindset is I will have a liability on that day to either renew my VED (vehicle excise duty) or declare a SORN (statutory off road notice) for the car.

Vehicle Type Approval

You will see that the record is "null" which indicates the MGBGTV8 model was never type approved. More

(Posted: 4.7.08)
Checking the report for accuracy
It is worth checking the record held by DVLA because in my case the "Year of Manufacture" is shown as 1974 which is wrong as the MG Factory production records show my MGBGTV8 was made in mid December 1973. So the year of manufacture is 1973 and not 1974 as recorded on the DVLA records system. Not worth bothering about you might say, but wait - if ever a warm-hearted Chancellor of the Exchequer were to reintoroduce Ken Clarke's rolling 25 year tax exempt status for classic cars then, as that mean-fisted Gordon Brown froze the 25 year relief at 31st December 1972 as a Budget measure in 1997, the year of manufacture would then be very important! Almost certainly the eligibility for VED relief would be based on the year of manufacture data held by DVLA.
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