Pertronix electronic conversion (LU181)

Electronic distributor options for the MGBGTV8
The V8 distributor with a contact set has to work hard and needs regular cleaning and setting with replacement points at 6,000 mile intervals or less. One good feature is the external adjustor so the fine adjustment of the contacts can be set whilst the engine is running. Simply connect up a dwell meter and adjust to set the dwell. For distributor maintenance, Holden Vintage & Classic offer an excellent rebuild service. Some parts (top plate for example) are the same as for the Range Rover so are easy to obtain. With nearly one million Rover V8 engines built to 2004, replacement contact sets and condensers are easily obtained. However most of them are of extremely poor quality, so it is best to buy only Lucas or Unipart spares.

Some members have fitted after-market electronic ignition systems and a comprehensive review of available systems together with a recent note from Gordon Hesketh-Jones on fitting a Pertronix unit with a powerful coil looks most interesting.

Gordon Hesketh-Jones carried out careful research of the available electronic systems in February 2007 and then in June 2008 a further report on the system he had used to upgrade his distributor - a Pertronix LU181.
Information available for review

Distributor options for the MGBGTV8
Gordon Hesketh-Jones (Harvest Gold 1907) from Cornwall uses his car all the year round and with a total mileage now rapidly approaching 400,000 has a great deal of experience of maintaining the model from his regular servicing work and numerous rebuilds. One regular service difficulty was with worn distributors, so he set about some research into the options for the V8 which he reports on in this note. (Feb 07) V8NOTE365

123 Ignition system
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More on V8 distributors
Gordon Hesketh-Jones (Harvest Gold 1907) from Cornwall has clocked up more than 400,000 miles in his MGBGTV8 so has had a higher maintenance workload than many fellow V8 enthusiasts. He also uses his V8 for touring in Europe so reliability is a key concern for him and one area is the reliability of his ignition system. As an update on his earlier V8NOTES on this topic, Gordon reports his experience with fitting a Pertronix electronic ignition system. (Jun 08)

The Pertronix Ignitor system is a compact and neat installation fitting entirely within the distributor. No external box of electronics is required, but you do have to bring a 12v ignition feed wire ( by-passing the ballast resistor) to the unit. The high voltage coils also require a full 12v supply.
See more on the Pertronix ignition upgrade on the Petronix information gateway. More
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