Basic windscreen wiper maintenance

Nic Houslip says as "Sumner is here, a useful tip is to check the condition of your wiper blades. After a winter long lay-up they can become distorted by the pressure that the arm applies to keep the blade on the screen. Lifting them off when laying up will prevent this. Eventually the blade is pushed down and bent to one side and produces that "screek" noise when you wipe the screen. If the blades are worn or the wiping edge and is not smooth they will not clear the water properly.

Surprisingly the condition of wiper blades is as important in Summer as in Winter. An English
Summer a shower may occur without warning and as your screen will already have a layer of grime and dust from driving on hot roads, when you need to wipe it away, the blades smear the grime across the screen.

Keeping your screen clean and the wiper blades in as near perfect condition is a great contribution to safety. They are not expensive and are easily replaced. Another tip I learned in Norway, where they get a lot of snow in the Winter, eventually the blades build up a greasy layer on them from salt and other road grime, then a quick wipe with a tissue wetted with a small amount of petrol cleans the blade perfectly.
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