Tip for refitting the thermostat
Angus Munro has a little tip, which he modestly feels is not worthy of a workshop note, but perhaps useful for other members. He decided to fit a new high flow thermostat and as it sits vertically within a shallow recess at the front of the engine, he found that trying to keep the thermostat within the recess while keeping the gasket and housing together and controlling two CopperEase covered bolts and washers, was just too much for this mere mortal. The solution was to put two dots of Superglue on the thermostat flange, one at the top and one at the bottom. Then, a dot of the glue on the ears of the gasket to the housing, and the job of fitting became simple.

Angus says "a bonus here is that in years to

come a future caretaker of the car will have something to talk about in the pub with his chums. You see how considerate I can be?"

Remember V8NOTE501: "fit the thermostat to the housing with the vent pin in the 12 o'clock position -

Thermostat sits vertically in the alloy housing.

caution, failure to position the thermostat correctly can lead to air locks and overheating". Posted: 180213
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