Replacement ducting above the hot air shroud

Angus Munro purchased a good Condition 1 MGBGTV8 in 2017 and later, whilst working through various maintenance and refurbishment items, decided he would have to replace the ducting above the hot air shrouds on the "Lobster Claws" attached to the air cleaners. The shrouds are located just above the exhaust manifolds. In his post on the V8 Bulletin Board he mentioned that he had found that Brown & Gammons have them listed as BHH1297 (right) and BHH1298 (left) but marked as "No longer available". Jan18

He added that "searching other websites had unfortunately produced similar result. As the shrouds are soft and vulnerable items close to the exhaust manifolds I would have thought there would be a market for them as a maintenance item. Has any member found a supplier?"

Tony Lake responded saying "I recall looking at the Revotec website some time ago when digging into cooling fans for the MGBGTV8 and see they have a flexible aluminium ducting listed on their website in 1m lengths at very nearly the right outside diameter - 51mm v 50mm - that I have measured on my old air cleaner parts on the shelf. Given the relatively fragile nature of the ducting, having a slip fit rather than a force fit might not be such a bad arrangement." The Revotec website is at: http://www.revotec.com
Angus Munro was delighted with that tip and promptly contacted Revotec and ordered a length of the ducting at £24.54 including VAT and Next Day delivery. He posted a brief note saying "I can confirm that it fits the Lobster Claw (Air Temperature Control Assembly) absolutely perfectly. It was an excellent tip which will
also be a great help for other MGBGTV8

enthusiasts looking for the NLA part. Thank you, I am most grateful to you."

What does the Air Temperature Control Assembly do?
It has a bimetal plate in the circular opening in the top of the assembly which closes the Air Plate when the engine is cold thereby drawing air from over the exhaust manifold into the air cleaner and onwards to the carburettors. As the manifold warms up fairly rapidly, the air drawn into the assembly and onwards to the carburettors and combustion becomes warmer than the ambient air thereby assisting the engine reaching a smooth running state from a cold start. Once the engine bay reaches operational

temperatures the bimetal plate moves to open the circular Air Plate allowing the air intake to be taken from the general underbonnet area.

Part numbers
In an earlier MGBGTV8 parts list from Moss Europe, the parts are described as follows:
BHH1163 Air Temperature Control Assembly
BHH1255 Connector - shroud to air temperature control
The Brown & Gammons website lists them as:
BHH1297 Hot air shroud (left) Currently NLA
BHH1298 Hot air shroud (right) Currently NLA

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Posted: 180104
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